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    Set of 4 OEM 09 JSW wheels with mounted winter tires (IL)

    I'm down to 1 VW with 2 sets of wheels with winter tires, this set is ready for a good home. Mostly in great shape, just the bit of road rash on the one wheel in the close up. Tires are Michelin Primacy Alpine PA3 with 7-8/32nds of tread left. Size 205/55 R16, they are pretty old, date code...
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    Fs: A4 Tdi Ecu $100

    Came from an 01 manual Golf, was purchased years ago when my mechanic thought my original ECU was bad (ended up being Relay 109).
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    FS: 4 Never used OEM bridgestones for MkV Jetta

    As the title says, came with alloys purchased from dealer. Made 38th week 2008. Would like $150. Willing to ship at your expense.
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    What do I need to purchase when changing shocks/struts?

    I have an 01 auto Golf with 100K miles, the OEM shocks seem to be wearing out. I drive a mixture of city streets and highways on my commute to work, mostly smooth but with one extremely rough street. I read through several post both here and the vortex and have decided to purchase Koni reds as I...
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    Problem identifying unknown error light

    Does anyone know what the orange light that consists of a circle with dashed lines, 6 in all flanking the right and left side of the circle, means? I ran autoscan with my VAG-COM, but it failed to report any fault codes. This came on during my normal comute home from work and again later tonight...
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    wtb ECU

    Looking for ECU for a '01 Golf TDI auto, mechanic thinks this is why my transmission is acting up. Anyone have one to sell, or know where I could locate one without spending millions?
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    Tranny problems, likely something electrical

    Car is an '01 Golf Auto Am getting these codes: #1 00518016 Throtal positioning switch G69 - signal out of tolerance #2 00660027 Kick down switch throttle position - incorrect signal #3 00529035 RPM information missing #4 00545031 Engine/Transmission electrical connection open/short circuit...
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    GB members, how are the Green Diamonds?

    I am looking at getting some last minute snows for my wife's Jetta. Unfortunatly, the Tirerack sold out of Arctic Alpin's and only have Blizzak's left. I have a few choices: 1)Haggle with a local dealer to drop the price of the AA's ~$30 each. 2)Order the Blizzak's at $79 3)Order a set of Green...
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    Quick reply please, code 16764

    16764 - Glow Plug/Heater (Q6) Circuit Malfunction P0380 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent Started out of the blue this AM. Car has been starting rough in the cold. Am I safe to take off for Xmas? Guessing I need to change out a glow plug or two?
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    KY emissions testing?

    My sister-in-law just moved to KY and needs to have the emissions checked on her car. What's involved? Do desil cars even need to? Thanks!
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    FS: New never used Oilguard BF + 2 elements

    I purchased this over a year ago and never got around to installing it. This makes me believe I never will, so why hold on to it, right? It's never been used, all I have done is open the box. This is the EPS-10 model, came with the fittings you will have to supply the tubing. I also have the...
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    Update on mistimed engine

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that my car has been back on the road for almost a week now. For those of you that do not know what I'm talking about, look here for a refresher. The engine ended up having the head, piston, rod, glow plug and injector replaced. She seems to be running well...
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    Blown engine after TDIclub member TB change

    I apologize about the long post but here goes... Before we get started: My car is a 2001 Golf GLS Auto with approximately. 38500 miles. No mods ever done to the engine, religiously changed with Delvac 1/CAT oil at 10k intervals. TB kit purchased from Diesel Geek with all the correct part...
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    Wanted: Someone to help mechanically challenged TDIer with 1st brake job (IN area)

    If anyone is willing to teach me, I would appreciate it. Wife won't let me tinker and figure it out for myself (very protective of her baby, 00 Jetta). I am willing to travel a few hours away including the Chicago area. Thanks in advance!
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    Delvac in E/NE IL?

    Sorry for another where can I find Delvac 1 thread, but I'll be dropping someone off at O'Hare tomorrow (Sat) and was wondering if there is a place I can pick some up at around $20 a gallon. I will be traveling up I-57 from Champaign and back by the quickest route. Otherwise, I know of one gas...
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    Coolant leak

    My car (01 Golf) has been sidelined at the hospital parking lot because my coolant light went off. The coolant tank has about a half an inch left in it. I havn't noticed any puddles under the car so I must have a slow leak somewhere. Anyone else have this problem? This nice thing is that I'm...
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    Thank you TDICLUB!!!

    My fiancee's Jetta has been plagued by a couple of VW's famous problems these past couple months. It is under the 24K but over in age by about 4 months now. First her S***year's decided to cup at 20K miles. We call customer service to get them replaced and wait a month. In the mean time the...
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    Air Filter and 20K free maintenance

    How many people were told it wasn't included? I thought it was, I guess I'd better look it up.
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    I've found the answer to GM's problems...

    I\'ve found the answer to GM\'s problems... I was impressed by the brand new Opel Vectra 2.0 DTI that we drove around Ireland last week. GM should junk the Saturn line and replace it with Opel! Anyway, does anyone know the specs of the engine? My guess is that it is made by Izuzu, but from...
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    Dealer break fluid change ?

    I'm taking one of my cars in for it's free break fluid change and was wondering if there is anyway to tell if they actually did it?