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  1. dtrvler

    WTB Intercooler Air Duct Shroud Passat 2.0 TDI

    Title says it here is a diagram of it: I'll never understand why some guys throw stuff out that actually make sense to keep on the car. 🤔
  2. dtrvler

    WTB 2005 PASSAT BHW Intercooler

    Part # 3B0145805D I just rebuilt this whole car and have less than 4k on it and i hit a coyote. Trashed the new intercooler. Pushed the driving light, horn, etc into the intercooler. One never knows what is next.😁
  3. dtrvler

    Hardish start, then hard thud when start occurs

    Car is 06 Jetta MT with new TBK, New Clutch, new ASV. Im updating windows right now but in a bit ill post the codes when i get back control of my laptop. It just sounds like a big thud when it starts but then runs fine. Tach starts at 0 when cranking then goes up to 200 while still cranking...
  4. dtrvler

    Oul coming out timing cover bolt hole

    Anybody ever seen this before? I started this thing up before buttoning up the serp belt and oil was pouring, not really under much pressure, out of this bolt hole. Im thinking someone used a too long bolt in there once upon a time. The ones that came out were correct. Anyway it was this hole...
  5. dtrvler

    FOUND! WTB Coolant return line bracket for 2000 Beetle Tdi

    Mounts to the egr valve using one of the bolts: It seems to have transported itself into the 5th dimension.
  6. dtrvler

    How old is too old....for diesel in the tank?

    Just got a 2000 Beetle tdi that sat for 5 yrs with 7/8 of a tank of clean diesel in it. Its still clear and smells just like new diesel. It was sitting at 6,000 ft so it stayed pretty cool which is very important for storing fuel. I dont know if there were any additives other than what the...
  7. dtrvler

    What is correct Front Grille?

    Some are vented: Some are not: It looks like if the non vented version is used, air would be drawn from lower down on the Front Grille.
  8. dtrvler

    [Found one]

  9. dtrvler

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Is anybody using aftermarket TPMS? Any reccomendations? There are hundreds of choices. The other day i had a rear go flat fast when whatever punctured it flew out...i heard that...and the tire went quickly flat even before i could pull over. I thought a tpms would have saved the tire. I miss my...
  10. dtrvler

    Having an issue with Cruise.

    So I bought this car with a 5 spd swap semi-completed. The Cruise wasnt working. So i did some research and cked all the wiring that affects cruise. The #59 wire wasnt moved to the #43 position on the large ecu harness connector. So i made that so. I tested the clutch pedal switch and it does...
  11. dtrvler

    Looking for rear spring solution

    My wagon rides 2" lower in the rear than in the front with stock suspension. I theorize that some of this is due to the 5sp conversion...that is that the stick trans is lighter than the ZF. The car came with "luxury" rear springs: "1BA" Im looking for the "1BB" or even the "1BF" Rear Springs...
  12. dtrvler

    Another 5 spd, BS deleted vibrating b5.5

    One time long ago i built a 428 Cobra Jet engine. I went to Ford and asked them for a 428 CJ Flywheel. The parts guy gave me a 429 flywheel by mistake. I went back to the shop and installed it. Bolted up just fine. Got the whole project done and started it up. Vibrated pretty bad. I thought it...
  13. dtrvler

    WTB Set of 4 good .25mm, or .50mm BRM pistons

    Title says it. I'm Boring a brm to overzize cylinder diameter. Need a set of 4 new brm pistons. (2) of the Cyl 1,2.....and (2) of the cyl 3 4. I would prefer .25mm ovet but would take .50mm over too. Not a big deal either way. Thank you
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  15. dtrvler

    Found one! WTB BHW Upper Engine Cover.

    I would like to buy a good servicable upper engine cover. Thank you for looking. 2005 Passat BHW 2.0
  16. dtrvler

    WTB: EUH manual trans (Las Vegas)

    (This is the manual found in the BEW cars. I know I could use an ALH manual trans too....gears slighty lower in an ALH car manual trans though.) Anybody have one sitting around? They weigh 85 it could be shipped UPS or FEDEX Ground. Higher miles is ok. As long as its still servicable...
  17. dtrvler

    (Sorry....wrong section)WTB Manual Trans (Code EUH) for BEW car LAS VEGAS

    Anybody have one sitting around? They weigh 85 it could be shipped UPS or FEDEX Ground. Higher miles is ok. As long as its still servicable. Thank you.
  18. dtrvler

    WTB Any ALH Manual car with good body. Can be blown up/broken down....Las Vegas Area

    I need a car body to put one or both good manual trans/alh engine into. Anybody have one sitting around they broke down in that they decided not to fix but that has a good body and interior? Let me know. I have a car trailer so i can travel a few hundred miles to pick it up. So, CA, AZ, NM, NV...
  19. dtrvler

    Lower Intercooler Pipes cracking!

    Lately, on Mk5 BRM cars. I'm finding a crack at the back end of the lower intercooler pipes (3C0145840H, and 3C0145840C depending on the date of mfg) where the hose connected to the turbo connects to the lower intercooler pipe. These are not cracks from accident damage or mechanic abuse. The...
  20. dtrvler

    Help with details of leather seat swap

    I have two 2005.5, and one 2006 (Jetta TDIs) with dark grey seats. One leather, one "leatherette". The one with leather has all power controls. It's the 2005.5. Seat bottom forward, back, Seat back forward and back 3 position seat position memory Lumbar control. The leatherette car...