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  1. d-man

    Tuner or Nozzles first?

    I would recommend a 2.5" straight exhaust and a tune. If you think you need more power go for the nozzles.
  2. d-man

    Tire recommendation?

    The absolute best tire for winter and great in the summer is the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S. It is consumer reports highest rated performance tire for the winter.
  3. d-man

    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    Oilhammer, Ford does make a small diesel, it's in the euro Ford Ranger. Toyota making a Push rod V-8 is great. If the Tundra came with a Push rod V-8 I would consider purchasing one, it a more robust work engine. Overhead cams (in trucks) are for posers. The CX-5 diesel if it ever comes out...
  4. d-man

    H rated tire are the really necessary ?

    If you like to drive stick with H's, if you love to drive get ZR's. If you like the spongy feel get the T's. For me the perfect balance is the Michelin Primacy MXV4.
  5. d-man

    How to get the whooshing sound wen u shift?

    2.5in straight through exhaust will do the trick
  6. d-man

    Milage difference w/larger tires?????

    The VW speedo is always off, and off up to 6%. The odometer however is bang on so add 4 % to the total mileage when calculating MPGs.
  7. d-man

    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    I think the main issue is caused by not getting it up to operating temperature. Seems like the aftermarket tuning is going to be able to get a lot out of this package. four injection events, variable timing. I am very interested.
  8. d-man

    mpg decrease after fuel filter change

    Double check fuel lines for leaks, especially the return line. Mileage should never go down changing a fuel filter. Check the e-brake sometimes they drag.
  9. d-man

    Flat Towing a 5 Speed?

    I could not say for certain, but there is a couple transmission gurus on the forum. You need to post post this question in a drive line section.
  10. d-man

    What did you do to your car today?

    Installed a new chrome grille. on the MKIV. Old one was cracked pitted, and the chrome piping was flaking off.
  11. d-man

    throttle dies, comes back, no CEL

    Sounds like fuel pump to me.
  12. d-man


    If its free mix it, jet fuel has less energy in it then regular diesel because there is an additive for static and a additive to reduce freezing point. 43MJ/KG vs 48MJ/KG. You wont get more MPG's/L then diesel but if its free you will get more MPG's/$
  13. d-man

    BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2

    Cupping is not normal, I sell 16000 tires a year. I Also rotate tires front to back with no crossing. Trust me cupping is not normal.
  14. d-man

    Mufflerectomy Turbo "Whoosh" Sound Levels

    You can hardly hear it in the car. Sounds good sitting still with the windows open though.
  15. d-man

    PD Surging at Certain RPM's

    Get the pump changed and a new fuel filter, if the car runs you can do it yourself just make sure the tank is half to quarter tank of fuel left. pump is under the rear passenger seat.
  16. d-man

    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    That low compression is going to make cold starts pretty hard up north. Other then cold starts I think its about time a variable valve timing was put on a diesel. Tuning should be pretty good too, with the variable valve. Mazda should just launch the freaking thing already.
  17. d-man

    Best Diesel fuel!!!

    I have never seen diesel at a costco...ever
  18. d-man

    BEW not running!!!

    could be the fuel pump. when you turn on the key you should hear the pump prime the line. But what throws me is the dark black smoke which would be from not enough air. Check the air intake, and make sure the snow screen in the snorkel is removed. could also check the intercooler for oil build up.
  19. d-man

    Lucas Oil 0W-XX oils

    DuronE 0w-40 is the way to go all basis are covered. My PD is 210,000 kms still original cam. Plus I drive like a mean it, so original clutch is gone. exhaust smell when you start that is funny, might as well say does it smoke on a cold start. But really if the guy wanted to put maple syrup in...
  20. d-man

    Petro Canada Diesel

    I have had bad mpgs from many different retailers and I think its more to do with their tanks then the fuel. Just stick with the high volume stations and you should be alright.