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    MK3 / B4 / MK5-6, B6 TDI parts, complete engine, pistons, clutch

    I'm located in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada (near from Derby Line, VT). All prices are $CAD I'm selling my house and I'm getting too much stuff here... 2014 CJAA CP4 pump: $350 MK6 waqon rear trunk, silver: $200 MK6 wagon rear doors, complete: $100/2 MK6 GSW ABS module: $50 MK3 Jetta doors: $40...
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    Wanted: gtb2260vk / vzk parts

    Hi, I'm needing 2 parts to finish my friend's gtb2260vk set-up. The nozzle ring (vnt vanes) The ring on the hotside (between the chra and exhaust manifold) If someone has a gtb2260vk for parts tell me. It's a little rush! Thanks
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    A4 B6 TDI PD150 6spd part-out

    PD150 ARL build Hello, I'm parting-out my friend's A4 B6 with the big set-up. Engine: 2003 TDI PD150 ARL RWE1086 head studs kit GTB2056VL water cooled turbo ColtCam stage 2 camshaft with INA black top lifters Firad +80% injector nozzles mounted on ARL injectors 3 notch headgasket (was...
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    pd150 injectors, bhw injectors, vnt15, bv43b

    Here's the list... Pd150 arl injectors, removed from my 120000 mile arl engine, working fine: $SOLD 2.0 tdi pd bhw injectors, removed from a 05 passat with 250000km: $200 2x gt1749v (vnt15) turbochargers without actuator: $150 each Bv43b turbocharger, still on my 09 jetta, will be upgraded...
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    BEW/BHW head, BRM injectors

    BEW engine, BEW head, ARL head Hi, I have a BEW head, came from a 2006 Jetta wagon with 300,000km. No injectors, camshaft, lifters (they were used to replace a worn camshaft) Asking $200 Complete BEW engine, with a good camshaft, 250,000km, no turbo. no intake. Timing belt kit is 2000km old...
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    GTB2260VK, GTB1756VK, PD150 nozzles

    GTB2260VK and PD150 nozzles Hi, I'm selling my overstock! 1 set of 4 PD150 ARL nozzles, 78000 miles, were working fine but upgraded: 120$ GTB2260VK, good shape, a little bit of wear but working fine: $540 Items are located in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada but I can ship in Canada / USA at your...
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    fs: 11mm oem aoh pump 55k miles

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    WTB: 11mm IP

    It's for a rebuild into a MK3 IP, so if there's a defect 11mm pump (dead quantrity adjuster or something like that) of a good 11mm pump at a good price, just send me a PM. Thanks
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    02M DRW transmission + clutch and more...

    It's now on my MK4 TDI
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    '96 Passat TDI part-out

    Hi, I have a '96 Passat TDI sedan for parts. It has about 340,000km (190,000 mile), TDI engine. It seems to be a 1Z but was still starting fine, compression seems to be very good. I could sell the engine / transmission / turbo swap with the harness for $750. Other parts... Front fenders (green)...
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    AHU engine part-out

    Hi, I'm parting an AHU engine, about 300k miles. Crankshaft: $40 Bare block: $40 Oil pan: $10 Oil filter housing: $10 Fuel pump bracket: $10 I'm located in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. I can ship to you own expenses.
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    PD100 injectors and PD130 pistons

    sold Hi, all sold now...
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    Souper de Noël?

    Personne n'en a encore parlé! Est-ce qu'il y en a que ça intéresse? Vu le temps limité, on pourrait faire comme l'an passé, soit en janvier. Des preneurs?
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    MK4 TDI ARL swap - engine troubles

    This is not my first swap, I'm running an ARL with lots of mods in my MK3 Jetta... I was buying a P150 engine from RyanP in May. It was looking fine, no rust, had 78k miles. We were installing in in July. It's running with a GTB2260VK, custom tune (Named Tintin) and few other goodies. When...
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    02M DRW 6-speed transmission

    It's sold, cash down received
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    Metric MFA cluster

    Hi, I'm looking for a MFA cluster for my car. I own a '00 Jetta TDI and a '95 Jetta with a PD150 ARL. I was looking to install a MFA cluster on my MK4, but they are hard to find here on the board because most are US. I don't care if it's IMMO2 or 3, both cars are immo delete. I want to...
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    VNT-15 turbo

    From my '00 Jetta automatic: VNT-15 (GT1749V) turbocharger, works fine, no noticeable oil consumption, comes with the actuator... Asking $300 CAD + shipping I'm selling it because I have a VNT-20 that's waiting to be installed with the manual transmission :D
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    2x 01M automatic transmission + conv

    Hi, I'm selling my 01M transmissions. NOW THEY ARE SOLD!
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    Sold!!! !!!! !!
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    Help! GT1749 left hand oil inlet

    Hi, I'M biulding a MK4 TDI with a GT1749VC. The problem is the oil inlet: it has left hand thread. I can't find any banjo bolt tor fitting on Ebay. Could someone help me please? Thanks