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    Here comes the rain

    Where could I find a breakdown of all the weather seals for a 4dr golf w/ sunroof? I don't think I need all the seals, but I'm not sure what seals I do need compared to online sellers pictures. TIA
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    Here comes the rain

    It's properly fooked it seems to me. I still can't find replacements online. I bought this thing with plans to make it a driver, eventually tune and delete etc...I guess I'll start with seals if I can find em and cup holder center console while I'm at it 🤷🏿‍♂️
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    Here comes the rain

    Apologies in advance if I've added photos incorrectly.
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    Here comes the rain

    That would be great. I'll take all the info I can. The gap I saw was DS front, I'll go take some photos in the morning and try to find out where it's leaking. Clear the sunroof drains etc... Thanks
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    Here comes the rain

    That was my first guess, I also saw a gap in the door because the seal looks trashed. So it's time to replace em it seems
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    Here comes the rain

    Well it's oregon and I've noticed my golf is wet. I didn't even talk dirty to her I've been searching for seals in a kit but am coming up empty. Doors. Windows and sunroof. Probably going to pull interior and clean and dry it. It stinks, I haven't drove it in a while. If anyone can point me in...
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    Mk1 ALH swap worthwhile?

    I've been mulling over an ALH swap for my mk1 for about a year. I have three 1.6 diesels I've thought about rebuilding, but a tdi just sounds so much fun.
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    Just installed VCDS....results

    Yeah, I pulled it and did a continuity test on it. It was good. I reseated the fuses in the side compartment and on top of the battery. I haven't been driving it because of the ABS light. So I'm going to start driving it more and see what happens. The battery being fully charged and clearing...
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    Just installed VCDS....results

    Gonna have to hit the store tomorrow for some fuses. I let the car run for a bit and decided to go for a drive to see if the brakes acted funny. Once I left the driveway the ABS light went off, hasn't come back. No codes. No lights. Magic. Thanks for the help. I'm hoping this isn't an...
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    Just installed VCDS....results

    I checked the ABS fuse and it's fine, no coms with abs module. Charged battery overnight. Cleared codes, CEL off no Faults. Abs light is still on. Fuse good. Going to keep troubleshooting
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    Just installed VCDS....results

    Thanks for the reply. No airbag light CEL and ABS lights are on, I did an initial autoscan, cleared, cycled, rescan, and was clear. Put in to gear, backed up, abs and cel came back on and I scanned again and the results are what I posted from the 3rd scan. Thank you for the link, time to start...