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    Flashing brake light on Dash

    When accelerating I get a temporary flashing brake light on the dash and a beeping sound. I checked the car with The VCDS there was no codes. Everything seems to be working OK. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? The car is a 02 Golf manual.
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    PO106 code

    I PO106 code and no boost It also happen years ago. Did the same thing again( unpluged the MAP sensor and plug back in) It fix the problem. this time it came back a few times in the past few days, which the same thing fixed it. Now I'm stuck with the code and no power. I tried a new sensor I had...
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    Glow plug harness help

    2002 Golf 201,000 miles, Had a code 1 glow plug. The harness fell apart when taking it off. So I replaced it (the 4wire with a connector) and all the glow plugs while apart. Now it is showing codes for all 4 plugs and also the battery light is lit on the dash but no code on the vag-com. Ok...
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    Nozzles for Sale

    New, never used-F.lli Bosio BSLA 150 P 502/ Sprint Suitable for Bosch 0 433 175 087, I was told to much for my car the way it is set up. Asking $170.00 or Best Offer. Shipping included.
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    VNT 15/GT 1749V Sale

    I have a VNT 15/GT 1749V Turbo it has 164,000 miles on it.Came off a 2002 . I upgraded to a VNT 17. Make offer.
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    ID a Turbo?

    I just upgraded to a Garrett VNT 17 Turbo. I was looking at the turbo I took off my 2002 golf TDI I got new only 11 miles on back than. Any way the number on the old on is VW GT1749V made in France made by Garrett, so is it a 15 or 17?
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    Cat 2 Micron Fuel Filter sale

    I have a Cat 2 Micron Fuel Filter from Lubrication Specialist. I am asking $100.00 or best offer + shipping. It is new and was never used. SOLD!
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    Used vnt-15 sale

    IT is Sold
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    VF Engineering Mounts

    I have for sale 2 mounts. Both are new still in the box. 1- MK4 4cyl engine side mount VFA 02-03 $150.00 1- MK4 pendulum mount VFA 02-01 $150.00
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    Boost Gauge ?

    I installed a new turbo (VNT17) the old one was VNT 15 also a Diesel Geek race pipe, pipe did not throw an engine code. But now the boost gauge does not work, yes the right line is hooked up in the same place. Every thing was marked and I double checked. I am stumped. Any ideas out there about...
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    DIESEL POWER magazine

    I just read in the Dec. issue. That in the Jan issue they will be lanuching a Diesel Car department. The first installment will deal exclusively with VWs.
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    120,000 miles on my 02 golf and the brakes are still good, they are close thru. It's the longest brakes have lasted on any car I have own.!
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    Diesel not the long-term solution

    Jeremy Cato, 06/10/08 at 11:35 AM EDT:eek: MUNICH, Germany – Last week in Kingston, Ontario, diesel fuel for cars was selling for 13 cents more per litre than regular gasoline. That's according to MJ Ervin & Associates which tracks these things ( In the United States...
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    Ac/fan ?

    AC works, only one fan on radi works or should I say is working at all times. With the AC on the blower inside is working to standard. When I press the air recirulation switch with the AC on, the blower dies down to almost nothing. Cold air is coming out thru. Has any one else had the same...
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    Polo This is a good one!:D
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    Steel Skid Plate for Sale

    I have a new Steel Skid Plate for sale, never used. It has all the mounting parts including the sides. I live in central Maryland and can meet at impex. Cause of the weight shipping is a no go :rolleyes: .
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    1&2 Coolant Glow Plug Code

    :confused: I keep getting an check engine light, it start with 1 coolant glow plug. Now it is 1 & 2 Coolant glow plug. I checked with a muiltmeter all plugs checked out good. Then I cleaned the connections, code returned :( (Did the same on engine glow plugs it worked thier). Then on...
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    Alternator removal

    :confused: Ok can anyone tell me the easy way to get it out by the numbers? It's a 2002 Golf 1.9
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    Brake Lights

    :confused: When brakes are applied, the front right turn single light & just the right rear light comes on. The left rear is aways on (brake light) :confused: . Does anybody have any ideas why. Some times the G.P. light comes on in the dash, Then there are no brake lights :(.
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    Turbo Part # ? 150hp

    Does anyone know the part# for the 150hp TDI? I'm here in germany for the next 2 weeks. Is it the same or larger than the 90hp? Will I need to get the intake to? The Germans I have talk to at the shop I'm working at here. Have said there's only a 115hp here .Also is there anything I should...