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    timing belt change issues

    I have a 98 jetta AHU I have changed 3 timing belts using the instructions from this site and the kit from dieselgeek without an issue. I tried last night with just a belt because I had the belt ( 028-109-119-p) I'm kinda broke and didnt want to wait for the kit and after 6 hours I found the...
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    dead battery after tb change

    I changed the timing belt in my car(1998 jetta). once done ( it seemed to go way too smooth) I started it a few times before putting the acc belts back on and hooked up my vag-com and set the injection timing. I started it again and it just clicked. I tried cleaning the connections but they...
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    engine revs on cold start

    A friend has a 98 jetta tdi and for about the last 6 months his engine revs on cold starts (+ 30 minutes after shutdown) and puffs out a big black cloud. Is it possible he has an injector leaking down? He has never had the timing belt changed and vag com showed it at the below limits. I advanced...
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    need help car stalled and only restarted after holding to the floor

    I was idling in traffic with the air on (90+ 80% humidity) and noticed it running rough. The idle never really moves from around 900 but it was dropping down to below 800 then back up. I gave it fuel to try and see it was fowling out but it died as soon as I touched the pedal. It would not...
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    confusion in the engine bay

    I had to adjust the injector timing a little yesterday and noticed that the sticker on the upper timing belt cover says AHU on it. The trunk sticker says 1Z. The vag-com says 1Z. I pulled my intake to clean it out and I look down and see a triple k on the turbo. Is this a good indication the...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

    I just bought my 1st TDI a month ago. It has felt like it loses power around 3000. I installed a boost gauge about 2 weeks ago and boost shows around 14 psi up to 4500. I pulled the intake hose and there was about 1/4" of gunk before and around the EGR but I could not see any further. I bought a...
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    Not MAF now Intake?

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    Has anyone installed the vento projector lights?

    I found a link to and they list some vento projector lights for sale. Has anyone installed these and what are their thoughts and hopefully a picture. My lenses are fairly well sandblasted and a replacement will be soon. Thanks