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    Oil additive helps turbo seal?

    12-year-old thread resurrected for what reason?
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    Tune while retaining warranty?

    You want your cake and eat it too eh? Why does everybody come here to find out how to cheat the system? Live with it or take your chances.
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    Rear Plate Screws Impossible to Remove

    So you never had one that was rusted tight I assume? Don't get your suit dirty when drilling out your license plate bolt. ;) How many license plate bolts have you had to remove that you can count on one hand? BTW nice looking dog.
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    Rear Plate Screws Impossible to Remove

    No, but I sure can work a simple drill. Can you change a tire?
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    Rear Plate Screws Impossible to Remove

    Such a silly question........drill um out and replace them, that ain't rocket science.
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    Fuel Filter Change + Power Service fluid

    Just open the top of the canister, pull the old filter out, drop in the new one. Button it up and move on. Don't make this complicated. That is my method used on both a 2010 Sportwagen and my current Passat. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. You are overthinking everything. Relax it...
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    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    1967 Mercedes 200D used bought in 1973 can't remember the millage on the car. Normally aspirated 68 hp manual trans 4 on the collum in a 2-ton four-door car...........what a turd to drive. 45mpg, fuel was 45 cents per gallon and heating oil was a quarter. After a few years of hard winter starts...
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    2006 Passat 2.0T FSI dreaded HPFP

    Big number one the kicker is as you say he had the timing belt replaced...............that engine does not have a timing belt it is all about the timing chain and the worn-out tensioner. All the TSI, FSI engines do it, it is up to you as an educated owner to know about it and have the chain and...
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    Success! - ALLTRACK Springs on Mk7 Sportwagen TDI = 2" Lift!

    On my Passat I ditched the factory 18" tires and now am running 16" 215/60/16's. Very happy with the smoother ride now. And a lot less costly to replace.
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    Ad Blue

    Def is Def no matter where you buy it from. Truckstop, WalMart, AutoZone or dealer. All Def is the same.
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    Can someone explain to me the whole service interval wrench and when to change oil?

    You need to service your car every 10k. Read your owners manual and you will see what needs to be serviced at that time.............very simple just follow the owners manual and everything will be just fine. I do not know why you are confused.
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    Plugging the Dpf has nothing to do with it, It's Carbon reside on the injectors and fuel dilution. The problem with the dpf systems is during a dpf regen is when the fuel dilution occurs. So I guess you are right about no dpf ok, but you will still have accessive carbon residue on your injectors.
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    You are in Illinois. You most likely burning B11 already. B100 would be a disaster.
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    Mostly city driving? What kind of MPg you get?

    When I was in Europe all the taxicabs I encountered were diesel. Stop and go city driving. This forum has an attitude that a TDI must be driven on long highway drives. I myself don't buy it. Your car will serve you well in the city and not blow up or fall apart. You just won't see that high mpgs...
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    TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Brands

    Can you document your better performance & economy? You state that you burn much more non V-Power branded fuel. If you can not it is all placebo based on a ten year old youtube filmed in the UK with UK fuel and produced before your car was even built. I hope Shell sends you a coffee mug and a...
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    TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel Brands

    Well if you feel loads of cetane are a necessary additive why do you only use it every 3-4 tanks? Cetane value is only of benefit to the fuel you are burning at that tank full. It has no carryover value to your other 3-4 tank fulls.
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    Uh oh

    Where did all those metal chips from the hole saw go?
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    Disappointed in the lack of rear leg room in the JSW

    Thanks all for the education about sarcasm, no I did not get it. It just sounded like fools with a need to post something. The only advice to the OP is that if the backseat legroom is lacking he should buy a different car, Not come here and complain about it. Nuff said. BTW I got the one with...
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    Disappointed in the lack of rear leg room in the JSW

    What does that have to do with your posts about fuel economy at high speed and your messed up hair when the window is down?