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  1. Hasenwerk

    CBAA CJAA how to deal with no Power Steering Pump?

    Anyhow have any cool solutions for the CBAA / CJAA blocks that do not have a hydraulic pump for power steering?
  2. Hasenwerk

    Volkswagen Touareg T2 motor in T1 Touareg?

    I have a sweet deal available to me on a 3.0L V6 TDI motor and transmission from a 2nd Generation Touareg. There are also lots of 1st generation V6 and V8 Touaregs around here that are quite inexpensive. I personally feel the T1 looks better than the T2! So three questions for people who know...
  3. Hasenwerk

    Low fuel level starvation issues

    My ALH Ranger has a +-55L fuel tank. It's quite long and narrow. When the fuel level gets to about 20L remaining, I start to get air bubbles in the fuel line especially in town, with stop and go traffic and you can feel the engine mildly cut out from this. I know running a fuel pump in the tank...
  4. Hasenwerk

    MK5 Jetta Radiator Fans - how to trigger?

    I installed a 2009 Jetta MK5 (CBAA) radiator and intercooler in my 2001 ALH Ranger. The intercooler works fantastic and everything fits in my Ranger with minimal work. The issue that I am having is what signal is needed to turn on the fans? There is a four position plug - a heavy red and brown...
  5. Hasenwerk

    Should I install MAP sensor at manifold or intercooler?

    I am installing a MK5 Jetta radiator and intercooler in my Ford Ranger ALH conversion, I need to make a place to install the MAP sensor. Should I install it on the intake manifold or should I install it closer to the intercooler?
  6. Hasenwerk

    ALH manifold side coolant flange to radiator?

    I am going to be installing a Jetta MK5 radiator and intercooler combo in my ALH Ranger on the long weekend. The MK5 has the input of the radiator on the passenger side of the vehicle. I have seen some ALH conversions that have the main radiator output flange exiting on the manifold side of the...
  7. Hasenwerk

    Oil cooler for turbo input?

    Just one of those crazy, but potentially interesting ideas. Why haven't I seen an oil cooler in the input of a turbocharger? Logic would dictate that cooler oil is better for the turbo bearings and will potentially help the turbo last longer. Thoughts?
  8. Hasenwerk

    TDI Motorcycle

    Haven't seen TDI Motorcycles discussed for a while here, so let's! :p Available to me is an early 80s BMW R Series bike with a sidecar. Engine/transmission has exploded. BMW has a drive shaft instead of a chain system. As others have done, take a Golf style transmission, welding the diff and...
  9. Hasenwerk

    Making your TDI Conversion quiet and refined

    I would like to start a thread on refining our TDI Conversions. Volkswagen spent tonnes of money making their TDIs quiet and vibration free. When we install the TDI into something different we often lose the quietness and lack of vibration. I know driving my ALH powered 2001 Ford Ranger, it is...
  10. Hasenwerk

    Suggestions for 02J clutch with 2056VK turbo

    My son is going to be installing a 2056VK turbo on his MK2 with a 02J transmission. Currently, he has a VB43 with Race520 nozzles and the appropriate Malone Tune. He can currently slip his current clutch which is a solid mass AHU flywheel with a Sachs "Heavy Duty" clutch with ease. What clutch...
  11. Hasenwerk

    Passat B3 vs B4 pedals

    I am starting a swap in a MK2 over Christmas. The MK2 is an automatic and I am converting it to manual with a 02J transmission. Are Passat B3 and B4 pedal assemblies the same or is it just the B4 pedals that are a direct swap into the MK2?
  12. Hasenwerk

    ECU mounting brackets

    Let's see your photos of how you mounted your ECU in your conversion! I normally modify the Volkswagen ECU bracket, but I am sure people have better / simpler solutions.
  13. Hasenwerk

    Nissan Patrol GT2052 turbo on ALH

    I am thinking of getting a bigger turbo for my ALH powered Ford Ranger. Currently I have a 1749VB and Race 520 Nozzles and I would like to get this truck >200hp Many moons ago, I had a ALH with an 11mm pump and a GT2052V from a V6 TDI installed on it - that was a nice turbo! The thing with...
  14. Hasenwerk

    ALH / BEW dynamic oil pressure sender resistance chart?

    I've been looking high and low for a chart that show the resistance values of the ALH / BEW oil pressure sender. Is it the same as the VDO 0 to 10 bar? I am making a black box that will emulate the old school switches of 0.3 / 0.9 / 1.8 bar on|off so that when people put these new motors in...
  15. Hasenwerk

    MK4 missing belt side motor mount filler?

    I removed the aluminium motor mount that is normally on the belt side of the engine from my Ranger conversion today. Now there's a nice hole there to catch the first rouge stone and make mincemeat of my timing belt. Anyhow have any cool ideas how to fill this hole in? Sort of getting a BHW...
  16. Hasenwerk

    Ford Ranger / Explorer Cruse Control to VW inputs

    I've spent the day making a single wire Ford steering wheel converter box to the multi-button input that Volkswagen uses and this will be available soon at - just down to the final programming of this... The issue that I am having is that Ford's buttons are different than VWs...
  17. Hasenwerk

    Engine Coolant Bleeding

    My poor Ranger (ALH | 1749VB | Race520 | Stage 4) was still over heating during heavy shenanigans. Everything in the cooling system is new - VW MK3 radiator, new water pump, t-stat, temperature sender and even an external oil cooler and the overheating was getting worse over time and I was...
  18. Hasenwerk

    "Dumb" automatic for Ranger conversion?

    I am looking at a 2005 Mazda B4000 4x4 here in town with the idea of installing a TDI into it. The issue is it is an automatic, I don't mind the concept of automatic, but Ford / Mazda in all their wisdom uses the same box to control the engine and the transmission. So that pretty much makes an...
  19. Hasenwerk

    Installing multiple oil sensors on 2000+ engines ?

    How have people installed multiple oil sensors on the post 1999 1.9L and 2.0L TDI engines? My experience with these is there is a single sensor on the oil filter flange that is normally taken up by the OE pressure sender [It is "standard" VDO 0 to 10 bar right?], and a blanked off port on the...
  20. Hasenwerk

    External oil cooler need ?

    My Ranger swap is working great, but I am noticing that now that the temperatures are getting summer like, when I "go hard" up long British Columbia hills my water temperature gauge is going up a little. Indication that things are working hard and more than likely oil temps are sky rocketing. I...