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    Feeler: 2003 Silver Jetta GLS ALH, 162K miles, great shape in West Michigan

    2003 Silver Jetta GLS ALH, 162K miles, great shape in West Michigan, $6500 Sold!!! No longer a feeler: I've decided to sell my '03 Jetta ALH. I've had it since about March of 2015. Traded my 335d to a dealer for it. The Jetta had 96K on it when I bought it. Liberty Ford paid me waaaay too...
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    FS: 9qts - Mobil 1 ESP low ash oil for OM642

    I bought this a few months ago before I had the oil cooler seals replaced on my '10 MB ML350 Bluetec. I'm planning on running something different now that it has been tuned/deleted. I paid about $90 at the dealer in GR for the 9 qts, so I think $75 is fair. Pick-up only in Belmont, MI. If it...
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    FS 03 Golf GL, Malone 1, new TB, konis, brakes, 132K West Mich $5500

    I've decided to sell my 2003 Golf 4-door GL TDI (ALH). Bought it last spring but I decided to part with it in order to go crazy with my '03 Jetta (signature car). It has 132K miles. I think I bought it with about 126K on it. 4-door, 01M which shifts just fine, which gives you the 11mm pump...
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    WTB: 02 or 03 Passat GLS Wagon

    First off, I know it wouldn't be a diesel, but my darling Wife doesn't want one. I'm just assuming those of you with VW's and VW connectons might be able to help me out... I'm looking for an 02 to 03 GLS Passat Wagon. Doesn't need to be 4 Motion, and I don't need leather. I have no preference...
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    FS on Ebay -- 1997 Passat TDI Sedan -- 67K miles

    Thought you all might be interested in this. It's NOT mine! I just found it on Ebay. I've been looking for one of these but I desperately want a wagon... Maybe I'll have to settle for this....Nah! I'll wait for a wagon! Later! 1997 Passat TDI Sedan-Ebay
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    2000 Jetta GL TDI for sale in Michigan

    I'm selling my 2000 Indigo Blue exterior, beige interior, Jetta GL TDI. It has the basic no frills crank-up windows, VW brand rubber floor mats front and rear, engine block heater, 14,000 miles, fully serviced, with Delvac 1, Amoco Premier, Power Service fuel additive, washed/ chamoised every...
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    Buy one get one free!!! (My 2000 Jetta GL and my 1988 Accura Integra LS)

    I'm selling my 2000 Jetta GL TDI. It has 13,500 miles, Indigo Blue, beige interior, VW floor mats front and rear, VW trunk liner, 5-speed. Block heater, full service with Delvac 1, buyer gets a case with it. Price is $17,500.00, but keep reading!!! To the proud buyer will go my 1988 Accura...
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    Snow Screen...(aka: Varmit-keeper-outer?)

    I have found another reason for the snow screen. My mileage drastically reduced to the low 40's over the last few months. Not gradually like the weather... but rather all of a sudden. I checked the air box and found a critter's nest, about 2 cups of sunflower seed shells, and Mr. Critter...
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    How's 'bout a GTG at Michigan Internatinal Speedway???

    How\'s \'bout a GTG at Michigan Internatinal Speedway??? It has also come to my attention that not only does Wifey want me to sell the Jetta GL TDI for a Golf, Auto-TDI, but rumor has it that I work at MIS and have pulled some strings to get a group of fellow TDI'ers onto our track for a few...
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    Bye-bye 2000 Jetta GL TDI; Hello 2001 Golf GLS Auto-TDI

    It has come to my attention that Wifey no longer wants to keep me unless I buy us (her) a new Golf Automatic TDI with all the goodies. (Except for no stinkin' 4-Motion availability. So this means I have to sell MY blue baby for a Golf. No biggie I guess... Anyhoo, it's a 2000 Jetta GL, TDI (of...
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    Are the Jetta's lights too bright??? (Fricking Cops...)

    Are the Jetta\'s lights too bright??? (Fricking Cops...) Last night whilest driving home from work, my Dad, who also owns a Jetta TDI, was pulled over by a Michigan State Trooper, who ranted and raved like a baby for about ten minutes, just because my Dad's, and all of our cars for that fact...
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    Enough with the rattles!!!

    I am really getting peeved with my Jetta! (I love the TDI powerplant.) But there is this strange rattle that is coming from the passenger's side, right around the glove box area. It seems to sound like a plastic poker chip in a tin can bouncing around... It seems to come in around 1800-2100...
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    Hey, that smells like alcohol!!!

    Does anybody know why my windshield solvent smells like alcohol? Maybe it is.. I know, I know, but is it a mixture that the dealer put in before they delivered it to me??? I haven't added anything to it and it is all original fluid... I just would like to know if it is a "brand" name fluid, who...
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    Premium Diesel in Jackson/Lansing/Ann Arbor Mich Area???

    Does anybody know of any stations in the mid Michigan area that sells premium diesel? I'm applying to Amsoil to become a distributor so I can buy their fuel additives/cetane boosters at cost. Because I drive so much, I believe this will benefit me in the long run. Plus, do the additives help...
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    Will adding a K&N air filter increase my mpg?

    I just purchased a '00 Indigo Blue Jetta GL TDI and have less than 700 miles on it. Is it sane for me to want to start making mods to it??? (wifey doesn't think so.) But anyhoo, does anybody know the part number I'll need to be albe to order the K&N filtercharger? And from whom could I...
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    Where's the oil filter???

    Where\'s the oil filter??? Is the Oil filter the black plastic topped cylindrical jobby-doo underneath the beauty-shroud on the front of the 1.9 tdi??? ------------------