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    Lack of acceleration in 3/4th gears

    Well...did the vacuum line replacement fix the prob?
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    2000 NB tdi block heater

    Put a heater on mine a few months ago. I found the best spot was under the left bumper and left front headlight. Removed the horn bracket and mounted the heater sadwiched between the horn bracket. It was a treat to do. It's nice in the sub zero though. It's one of those things where I ask...
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    GTG at Dieselgrandads, Fond du Lac, WI?

    thanks Tryg! Picked one up at Menards. They have a pretty nice one actually. 1500 watt one for $10! I thought that was a pretty good deal. Two sets of on/off timer capabilities. Jeff
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    Is New Beetle feminine?

    I LIKE it this way You know, I've driven mine for about 5 years now. Is it a chicks car? Well, I'm definatley not a chick. All I can say is this...I've had more chicks come up to me and want to talk to me about my "oh so cute car" and you know what...that's just fine with me. I doubt the...
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    Milwaukee/Chicago Area Meeting

    HUH???? Ok, I'll ask. what the heck is that? Or is that the song that Ted Nugent sang...Wang dang sweet poutine? :D Sorry...those were the days. J
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    GTG at Dieselgrandads, Fond du Lac, WI?

    TKS to DGD for GTG Thanks for hosting the GTG DGD!!! Neat place. I'm glad I came. Thanks for all of those that lended a hand to the many things I did on the bug. Thanks for the venectomy scurvy! Gosh...I had the hatch up and before I knew it, the vent was done. WOW...I had to fill up in...
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    Engine cruising speed problem

    My thoughts as well.
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    New Beetle Battery Removal tips

    Battery Removal chilliplow, No, you don't need to take any fenders off. :D However, you will need to remove the air box and a bracket off of the head that holds a vacume resivoir. the nose of the battery is tucked under the front edge of the fender. I replaced mine last winter (of course it...
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    Milwaukee/Chicago Area Meeting

    I'm going as well. I too have a heater to install. I figured I'd look at some other installs while there and ask for suggestions. If things really work out...i might even be able to get some help. :D I hope to put on my front swaybar bushings too. I'm tired of the creaking.
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    GTG at Dieselgrandads, Fond du Lac, WI?

    Ok...I finally made it to the end of this posting...I thought I read somewhere someone was going to start a new thread on about page 30??? :confused: I updated the wiki TDI page with the things I'm wanting to do and the food I'm bringing. I'm in. Kind of excited. I haven't been to one of...
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    2006 beetle headlight lens removale

    drail, I have not stuck my head under an 06 bug. If it's anything like my 98, its a royal PITA. I have to loosen up the battery hold down, take out the air box completely in order to feness the headlight assembly out. There is a lever that will work the assembly out the front end of the car...
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    power loss, then comes back.... check engine light is on

    I guess I'm going to throw this out there... But it's obvious that the dealer you are taking it to does not know exactly what the problem is. WHY, would you continue to take it to the same dealer? :confused: It's easy to throw your arms up and say you're going to sell the car. Two bad...
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    Move to Wisconsin ?

    You've got PM
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    Passport Backlog

    So what's it up to now as far as weeks?
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    I thought the 81 Rabbit was gone?

    Rabbit Whoa...I had a GTI. Man that car was fun in it's day!!! :D Except for crosswinds on an expressway because it was a box on wheels with a SCREAMIN engine. People just didn't realize just how fast the GTI was.
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    Sway bar bushing replacement 'How to' I've got a 98 NB. Are the chances good that I'll need the new clamps as well? (I'll admit, I'm sitting at work and haven't looked yet) If so, where did you get them? Dealer item? I checked TDI parts and they don't seem to come up. Later, J
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    cd player problem

    :eek: Ok..does that answer your question? How does pull it, trash it and buy an aftermarket radio sound? Somehow waking up in the morning to a running car in the garage doesn't sound so great unless it's -40 outside :confused: J
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    unplugged MAF

    Both depend. It depends on WHO did the timing belt job? I've seen "so called" TDI mechanics (no one on this site) do a timing belt job and NOT do a proper timing adjustment. They do the belt job, button everything up and turn the key. Typically she'll start, they let it go out the door...
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    Newbie with a NB - glow plug??

    Jim, I'd bet money its not the GP's. More than likely you should be able to get it cured with a fuel timing adjustment. may want to check around in your area for local TDIers and talk to them. I'm sure someone around must have a Vag-Com and wouldn't charge you $80 to just do a...
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    Help: Loss power, misfired? <80mph

    Is/was the car sluggish getting up to speed? It COULD be a MAF. Unplug it and drive it. See if the car behaves differently. That would be an easy check and pretty instant. I know when my MAF went south, the car perfromed terribly, loss of power and then would fall flat on it's face when in...