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    Pre alignment, I have a ? why the passenger side tire is scrubbed bald in the inside but the driver side has not and has worn evenly. On the hunter pre adjustment toe was -0.16 driver and -0.17 passenger . and camber, driv=-1.13 pass=-0.36 Surly...
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    control arms

    yep a stupid question probably. but do metal control arms ware out (not asking about bushes) like do they fracture/deform and also does the rear hole where bush sits in deform/ware out over time. T I A
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    hi, does anyone know which or what or how the egr tells the ecu to throw a egr code that the egr is not opening. TIA
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    which channel?

    hi can someone point me to the cts measuring blocks, I cant find it. TIA
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    A/c ?

    maybe there's AC wise people on here, 1, does the gas and oil lose its properties. 2, is the oil and gas reused after the system is emptied and then refilled TIA
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    pd timing tools

    looking at getting this from ebay 131786755644, is anyone running this/ or your thoughts. TIA
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    engine support beam

    is anyone running the harborfreight engine support beam 96524. any comments on it quality wise or which beam you running? TIA
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    waterpump lube

    are our mkiv pumps lubricated by the antifreeze or some sort of sealed greased bearings. TIA
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    which threads actually strip

    so which threads actually strip on the timing belt side mount, is it the uppermost top two vertical ones going into the bottom half mount or others as well. thxs in advance
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    timing belt engine mount the one with 3 bolts

    does someone have the definitive answer as to the timing belt engine mount the one with 3 bolts just how much does the engine have to raise and lower to get the bolts out on a 130 pd jetta 2005. thx in advance.
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    gearbox mount

    its moving too much I reckon when I rev the engine gently, I had a look but didn't take it out and theres quite some gaps in it, so will it be ok if I fill the gaps out with silicon or stuff some rubber in there eliminating the gaps.
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    does anyone know

    why the egr is leaking, at what seems to be the hole near the top. thanks.
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    swapped rear wheel bearings with non genuine

    but instead of being an interference fit they just slid right on, so i had no choice but to fit them as the old ones are trashed when i removed. wont this cause me some sort of problem with the stub axle or the races ?
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    wheel bolts

    are a3 and a4 wheel bolts the same?
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    intercooler removel how to

    cant find the how too, does anyone know foe 130pd bew
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    febi green grease

    does someone know why febi say it cant be mixed with other grease.
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    strut top mount distance piece

    can someone verify does this aluminium thing go above or below the top mount bearing.
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    engine support beam

    can the timing belt on jetta bew be done without taking the engine mount off?
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    9a auto box fluid overflow

    right I changed the fluid on a level surface thus= 1, first drain 2.9lts original factory fill. 2, put in 3lts new 3, 2nd drain 2.9lts 4, put in 3lts new 5. 3rd drain 3.2lts 6, put in 3lts new 7, opened the overflow. This is what I cant fathom because 1.2lts came out the overflow...
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    hydraulic press ?

    whats your thoughts or you actually use tonnage wise would be just enough and what would be plenty.