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    2006 Jetta wont stay running after Sunroof Leak

    Background: I have a 2006 tdi jetta that I bought from a friend that has been sitting for about 6 months. When I picked it up this past weekend it had about 4 inches of water in the floor due to leaking sunroof. I vacuumed, removed all carpet and floor vents. I have been running dehumidifier for...
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    2006 vw tdi jetta rear dome light not working

    I have a 2006 tdi jetta and the rear dome light won't turn on manually or with doors open. And the passenger makeup mirror only works if the dome light switch is turned off. Driver side makeup mirror never works. What could be the problem?
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    Anyone know an Alternative ALH idler pulley

    None of the local parts houses carry the replacement idler pulley in stock. I was curious if anybody has come up with a replacement pulley. The most popular pulleys have a bigger inside diameter. I would like to use one of these pulleys but it would require a bushing. Just curious if anybody...
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    $700 vnt17 or $1359 17/22 for ALH?

    Lets start by telling what its going in. A 1993 toyota extended cab pickup. Ive had tdi in the truck for about 25k miles. It has pp520 injector nozzles and a rocketchip tune. Its got lots of power but i have already destroyed two vnt15. I know these two turbos have been talked about a lot. It...
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    BRM idparts turbo actuator and injector wire harness

    I have been trouble shooting my BRM and in the process I bought a brand new injector wire harness and turbo actuator. I swapped the wire harness and it didn't fix my problem so I now have a perfectly good used injector harness for sale. The turbo actuator I installed but i adjusted the stop...
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    Please Help

    My injector quantity deviation before i swapped cylinder 4 injector today was : cyl 1 =-1.8, cyl 2 = -1.2, cyl 3 = -.02, cyl 4 = 2.99 After I swapped cylinder 4 injector when i first cranked it: cyl 1 = -0.3, cyl 2 = -1.2, cyl 3 = 2.99, cyl 4 = -1.7 After I drove jetta for about an hour then...
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    Need BRM injector replacement instructions

    I need to replace injectors. Does anybody have the procedure for replacing the injectors? I really only have to replace the cylinder 4.
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    Is it bad to drive?

    Is it bad to drive a brm tdi jetta when injector quantity deviation is: -1.8 -1.2 .0.02 2.99 I know i need to replace cylinder 4 injector but until i receive the used injectors i ordered will it hurt the engine if i drive the jetta?
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    Need to borrow some PD BRM injectors

    I have a 2006 brm with injector quantity deviation readings cyl 1 = -1.8, cyl 2 = -1.2, cyl 3 = -0.2, cyl 4 = 2.99. I think i may have a bad cylinder 4 injector. I really need a set or at least one to borrow to see if it fixes my problem. Please let me know.
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    2006 tdi jetta NO POWER cam replaced

    2006 tdi jetta NO POWER cam replaced "TDI IS NOW FIXED" I just bought this Jetta with NO POWER. I just replaced the camshaft, lifters, cam bearings, timing belt, water pump because they were bad. Before and After cam replacement the car idles perfect but when trying to accelerate i have to...
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    Where to tee into heater lines for veggie kit on 2001 TDI

    I just bought a grease car veggie kit off Craigslist and looks great but the previous owner lost the instructions. Does anybody know where to tee into the heater lines on the engine to get the best results. I tried calling GREASE CAR this morning and I seriously have only talked to a few people...
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    1993 toyota sr5 ALH tdi swap (3 week project)

    Well 3 weeks ago i started my tdi swap. I had bought a 1993 sr5 extended cab with 3.0L v6 and a 5 speed tranny. I started with two partial tdi engines. One had a hole in the block and the other had bad lifters. So out of the two i made one. Ordered all my parts from I also...
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    ECU Tuning

    Im sure this is on this website somewhere, but i was wondering where i can ship my computer to get the ECU tuned for performance and to get rid of the immobilizer. I have a 2001 tdi ALH and live in Tallahassee, Fl. Please if anybody has any info let me know asap.
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    2004 tdi Jetta gls Tallahassee, FL

    2004 tdi Jetta gls Tallahassee, FL *NEW PICTURES* I have a 2004 Volkswagen GLS TDI Jetta. It was my wife's car. It is extremely nice; no problems at all and very low miles. There are no rips in the black leather interior. It has a sunroof, CD player, power windows and locks, and heated seats...