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    Help, trying to remove stubborn injector.

    I have tried a slide hammer and now I’m working with using a piece of tubing with lug nut, washers and a bolt, but this thing won’t come out. Are there any other tricks for removing injectors? With the pull pressure that I have put on this thing I could have lifted the entire front end off the...
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    Power window harness plug , 2002 Jetta Wagon Tdi.

    Does anyone know how to remove the wires from the power window harness plug behind the kick panel? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    Now up for auction on Ebay: 2000 Jetta GLS TDI - Starting bid .99 cents

    Tried here first, had no interest Auction runs till 8/18/2019 5:00PM PDT
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    FS: 2000 Jetta GLS TDI for parts or project car, $1200 or best offer, Franklin, NC

    Runs / drives. Down and discouraged, shop burned down, lost all my tools and my nearly completed 2003 Jetta TDI Wagon project car. Selling my daily driver for the last 16 years. Green, auto trans, has recently new headliner, leather interior. Just under 290K miles on odometer, motor runs strong...
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    Left rear wing replacement

    Does anyone have experience or know where I can find an article or video on removing and replacing the left rear wing of an mk4 Jetta? It is a single piece that extends all the way from the rear tail light and below both doors up to just past the front door. I already have a donor vehicle and...
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    VR-6 springs (front=2wh, 2blue)

    OK, I see all the post about using the Jetta VR-6 front springs to lift the front, but I can't find them anywhere. Where can I order them from, other than my local stealership?