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    ALH Intake Manifold

    We all know what they look like - but if you really want pictures pm me :D The inside has been cleaned out - $80 shipped
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    FS: 2004 Golf GL TDI 5sp Manual - 88k - NJ
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    FS: 2004 Golf GL TDI 5sp Manual - 60k - NJ

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    FS: 2004 Golf GL TDI 5sp Manual - 50k - NJ - $14,800

    FS: 2004 Golf GL TDI 5sp Manual - 53k NO LONGER FOR SALE...
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    FS: 5th Gear Set .681 with Gaskets - $250 shipped

    FS: 5th Gear Set .681 with Gaskets - $250 shipped- SOLD!!! Still in original shipping box - let me know
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    FS: PD130 Turbo, ECU, and more...

    FS: Molded Mats $40 Shipped and more... NEW PRICES - TAKE A LOOK! Molded, no holes - very good condition. $40 SHIPPED (WAS $60 SHIPPED OBO) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- From top to bottom: Amber Side Markers Set: $5 SHIPPED (was $10...
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    WTB: Euro Tail Lights (R/C/R/R)

    If anyone has Euro Tail Lights (R/C/R/R) for a Golf IV - please pm me. Thanks
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    WTT: Smoked Side Marker / Clear Side Marker

    I have a smoked side marker (in bumper not fender) set. If you have clear side marker set and would like to trade - please pm me. Thanks
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    WTB: OEM Speakers

    Has anyone upgraded their sound system and no longer need their stock speakers? Let me know - Thanks
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    Build your own VW?

    You know that feature on the drivergear website Accessory Viewer where you can change the color (and other accessories) to see what your actual VW looks likes with said accessories... Does anyone know of a website with a simliar feature where you can view other aftermarket items? I...
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    FS: 2001 VW Golf GLS TDI

    SOLD: My 2001 VW Golf GLS TDI 5spd 2001 VW Golf GLS TDI Reflex Silver Black Cloth Heated Front Seats Sun/Moonroof 5spd Rocketchip III PP520 nozzles 11mm pump Spec II Clutch Xenon Lights Oil changed every 7k with Rotella 5w-40 Timing belt changed in 08/06 131k miles We all know what...
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    FS: Eurojet FMIC (1st Generation form

    SOLD: Eurojet FMIC (1st Generation form PRICE DROP!!! Charlie - sorry for ripping these photos but I will post my own as soon as I get a chance. $615 shipped (O.B.O) in the continental US - probably won't ship to our neighbors up north, but if you ask on a good day you never...
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    Free Mkiv Stuff

    Free MkIV Stuff Donations are accepted if you are so generously inclined :D. If you want to trade for these items (I have a '01 Golf), I am currently looking for a used egr valve, a passenger's side headlight, a front valence, a driver's side wheel well liner and I am always looking for TDI...
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    APPLE iPOD ADAPTER - Part # 1K0051444

    In case some didn't get an email: I read a description somewhere that said it works through the radio controls - can anyone who has installed one elaborate?
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    WTB: heated seat SWITCHES

    Ok - so I only need one - driver's side. Here the story in a nutshell: Apparently VW has a recall on the driver's side switch. I contacted a couple of vendors and they only confirmed the back order. I just put in heated cloth seats in my A4 golf (thanks oldpoopie) in time for the winter - does...
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    Already asked oldpoopie, jsrmonster, dieselgeek...

    Justin said it might be the anti-shudder valve. Jeff said it might be a leaky injector. Jim said it might be the MAF or N-75. I hold whatever these gurus say in the highest regard but before i plunk down at least $100 on any of these remedies and would feel better if i had more people siding...
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    SOLD - FS: 5x100 STEELIES - NJ

    You all know what the wheels look like. I have tires with at least one season left if interested. Looking for $100 OBO for the set picked up (or met halfway); slightly more for shipping depending on where you are. No international shipping - sorry.
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    For Sale: Bilstein TC set - A4, Stock 5sp Nozzles

    Bilstein TC - NEW in box, $195 shipped OBO Stock 5sp Nozzles - 40k - $35 shipped OBO contact me via pm or email Thanks
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    pd150 intercooler

    just some quick questions: anyone have any pictures of the pd150 intercooler? anyone completed a successful conversion from stock to pd150 intercooler? I ask because I ordered/received a part from Monaco Motors in the UK that looks more like a radiator than an intercooler.
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    First and foremost, thanks for looking. Equally important, PLEASE make me offers. These are suggested prices and I am willing to drive instead of shipping. If shipping is not included and is the only feasible option, buyer pays for shipping from 07205. My email address is