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    B4 glove box

    Bought this glove box to install in my 97 passat but it was wrecked before i could install it. I judt found it while cleaning out my garage If i recall its a direct bolt in. Perfect condition with key. Text for pics $100 shipped 727 247 9002
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $3000

    Putting her back up for sale. Needs a transmission Xtra cab. Tons of new stuff Call or text for pics 727 two 47 9002
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $5000

    After much debate I've decided to sell my 91 tdi powered Toyota x cab 4x4. I've become too busy to finish the minor details and don't see any time coming available. The truck was a v6 The truck has all new shocks, ball joints, steering components. New fuel tank. Sits on 31x10.5 tires. But has...
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    Hoses on turbo

    I havent found the answer to this and I think my waste gate is actuating preventing boost. I have a stock ahu motor I'm my toyota swap. On the turbo there are 2 nipples. 1 on the waste gate and 1 on the compressor housing. I'm not using a n79 solenoid so how do I run hoses to these 2...
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    2002 jetta sedan part out

    Motor and ecu spoken for. Green. Tab cloth interior. Questions just ask
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    2003 jetta wagon silver $2000

    2003 wagon. TDI. Just over 200k miles. Runs great. 4 new tires. Automatic. Could use solenoid pack. Due for timing belt. Has roof rack. Has cracked windshield and damaged right fender. Email or text me for pics 727 247 9002 Located near tampa
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    How much of the harness?

    I'm pulling a alh motor out of a car. I won't need the instrument cluster. Can I just take the harness from the computer down to the engine? Computer too obviously
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    Starter engagement issues on Toyota swap

    I'm having a noise coming from the starter/fly wheel when starting my truck. 91 Toyota v6 truck. Acme v6 adapter. 3.4 liter starter. I'm using the spacer provided in the kit from acme. The teeth on the fly wheel are rough indicating improper engagement. The noise is only when starting...
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    FREE: 96 passat tdi no motor or tranny

    Free. Free. Free. Everything else included. Clean title. Did I mention free text me for pics 727 247 9002
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    wtb grey glove box door for 2003 jetta

    Need a good working non broken glove box door thank you
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    wtb mk 4 jetta grill pieces

    I need the 2 "grill" pieces that are in the front bumper
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    wtb silver right fender for jetta

    I need a silver right fender for a 2003 jetta. Not sure of actual color. I'll investigate today thank you
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    96 b4v for sale $500

    $500 white. Black cloth. Sunroof. 5 speed. Corrado brakes. Gauge pod on A post. Vnt17 Turbo. Looks like blew head gasket. engine and head removed from car. Was going to install another motor I had but don't have time pics available via text or email 727 247 9002
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    What happens if.....

    I'm trying to clean the gooey soot out of the passages on the head. I think a small amount might have gone past the valve. Before you say it, I was turning the motor over to bring valves closed but things happen any thoughts? ??
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    toyota swap

    Where are you guys installing your ecu in the toyota ?
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    Can I take the top off my ahu injector pump

    The threaded port for my banjo bolt is stripped out. I've got a core pump with good top. Can i unblock and replace? On a side note. Can i remove the plate on the side of the pump where the harness goes in? The wire harness is a little boogered up and I'd like to make it fancy thank you
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    last call 97 passat tdi sedan part out

    Absolute last call. 97 sedan. Slate gray. Black cloth interior. No motor everything else is available. PM or text for info 727 247 9002
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    wtb Vr6 water pump pulley

    Like it says.. let me know 727 247 9002 lewis
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    ahu vacuum pump rebuild/replace

    I searched for a repair thread but didn't find any. My ahu vacuum pump broke the plastic nipple on top. Can i repair this or do i need to buy a new pump? where can I buy parts or a new one?
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    shorter oil filter

    I need a shorter oil filter for my toyota truck swap. I'm using ahu motor. I searched "shorter oil filter" didn't see anything thank you