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    Looking for the stupid door chime fix page .

    Hello All I have not been here for quite some time . Things look all different. I have a closed door . The car thinks the door is open . I did find references to “stupid door switch fix” but could not navigate to it . Can someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks
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    Finding top dead center

    Hello All Before I started I checked the timing with vag com . The timing was advanced and the cloud was perfect. I am doing my timing belt . It has been a long time since I’ve worked On this car . I find I am relearning things . I have locked the cam . I have the pin in the IP . I have...
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    OMI and drivers side Intake

    Hello I have a 02 jetta 5 speed . (ALH) It has an Old man intake on it . I own a pd 150 intake (drivers side) Has anyone installed a driver side intake with an omi ? Any one have any trouble with it ? Any pictures ? Thanks for any input .
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    New replacement carpet ?

    Has anyone purchased a carpet from ? Looking for a source for a carpet for a 2002 jetta ?? Thanks
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    Brake and clutch bleeding issues

    Hello out there in TDI land ! 1999.5 alh 5 speed I am about at the end of ideas. I have only been able to work on this car what seams like 50 hours in the last 3 months. I have replaced the brake booster, master cylinder , slave cylinder, and the clutch cylinder, the line from the...
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    Clutch fluid supply line too short

    Hi All I replaced my master cylinder. The Clutch fluid supply line too short . I think it may of been cut back a bit shorter by the previous owner . Is there an easy fix for this ? Can I use a barb and extend it a bit ? If I can what kind of hose and what size ? It will almost reach but not...
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    Replacing whole brake system

    Hello Thank y’all for any help ! I have been working on a 1999.5 jetta tdi 1.9 5 speed I am hoping to have this car a long time . I think that someone put the wrong fluid (like dirt hydraulic ) in it . I am in the process of replacing all the calipers , booster and master , clutch...
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    Timing belt and crank seal install

    Hello Everyone ! The cat : 99.5 1.9 TDI 5 speed I am doing the TB and that main crank seal . I have taken it apart . Looking/thinking about this . Can I install the seal into the carrier on my work bench ? I have the carrier on my bench already .I have read directions that say to install the...
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    brakes locking up

    Hello All I took my 99 jetta for a ride the other day . The brakes started dragging . When I went to use them the pedal was hard . I parked it for a half hour . I started it and it was OK . I did a bit of reading . Probably the brake booster ? Should I get a brake booster and MC , or...
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    Dumb brake/cruise control switch

    Gees talk about making things complicated! Is there a way , or what is the proper way to bench test the brake light switch ? Yes , good bulbs no brake lights . Code 00741 brake pedal implausible signal I bought a new switch still nothing ... Help ?
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    Slime in fuel system

    Mother of Gawd !! I parked a 99 with a full tank , I added diesel addictive.i let it sit for about 4 years . I am resurrecting it now . When I started it a month ago . I got a cel I think no biggie . I changed the fuel filter. The cel was for a low injection quantity . So I pull a vacuum on...
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    WTB a-4 jetta hood

    WTB a-4 jetta hood Ct Looking for a hood . Dark blue preferred. My location is 06441 Someone close have one reasonable ? Pm me Thanks
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    Fluid film ?

    Hi just got a 5 gallon pail with sprayer . I did the bottom of a old camper trailer I have today . Goes on nice . I sprayed it on then used a brush to really work it in . Anyone use it on their car ?
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    Axle bushings

    Can you tell if this Is correct ?
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    Ct emissions testing help

    Hello Short version : I have a p0226 (implausible throttle position sensor) , no cel but it is there . Will it fail ct test ?
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    Injector swap question

    Hello I have an 02 Jett's alh 5 speed The existing mods are : RC3 , White read down pipe Pp 520's The question I have is this . Can I put a set of stock injectors back in this motor and still drive the car ?
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    WTB. 2bar Maf 02 alh (cheap)

    Hello Anyone have maf (2bar)new/ used for sale? This winter I am upgrading a bunch of stuff. I have a 3bar in the "new" parts bin right now , but the upgrades are not going to happen till late Feb. My maf went cafloowie and I do not want to buy a new one , only to use , for a few months...
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    2002 intermittent "skip"

    Hello Everyone I have 2002 Alh jetta with a new motor that has 60k on it . It is a 5speed. I changed the oil oil filter and air filter . At the same time I tried to clean the MAF with maf cleaner . As soon as I did this , I got a CEL . I pulled a code , implausible air flow ? (Something...
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    Thanks to all

    Just a big thank you to all involved in getting us all to Maine , and up mt. Washington. (You know who you are) Very cool weekend ! Safe trips home to all ! Best
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    Help Weird boost readings

    Hello I am driving from Ct. To Fl. I am in Pa. As I am going down the long hills, with no throttle, my boost gauge is reading around 5 lbs. when I believe it should be 0 . When I touch the throttle it will sometimes jump to 10 or 12, something is sticking(?) it seems. What should I look at? I...