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    2nd DSG UOA @ 52K

    It seems fine the VIS 100 C did drop from 7.5 to 6.4 -Shearing may be the major reason VW calls for changing this fluid every 40k. i was going to go 50k this run but am having second thoughts. Wear is minimal and this time the improved filter ending in C went in. DSG fluid has many task - HEAT...
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    VOA - Total Quartz Ineo - 504/507 - VOA
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    New Oil is Dirty Oil

    Did you know your oil was dirty when you bought it, it is. All oils bulk or packaged are to some degree dirty when new, and that is were the ISO Code (International Standards Organization) comes in. ISO Code is a test that can show the initial cleanliness of new oil. It’s not unusual to expect...
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    Schaeffer S9000 fairs well in PD

    The iron and aluminum are lower and lead seems back in line. For a first run its OK and the second will tell the story. Nickel is up, and I will run this oil to 8k and change oil but not the full flow or bypass filters. see link post 1
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    Headliner failure 2006 Jetta

    My headliner got a bubble then two then three and now its hanging. Called VW dealer they did not make me go in for inspection they asked what color and if it had a sunroof. They said they would call and make a appointment for replacement when it arrives. They said the materal has been improved...
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    VOA - Schaeffer S9000 5W40 - VOA

    Oil Type Schaeffer S9000 CJ4 (505.01) --------------------------- VOA ~~~ 1300 miles/37 hrs. Fe Iron ------------------- 1 ~~~~ 4 - 3 ppm Fe, good when you consider 1 inherited from oil, and 1 from engine. Cu ------------------------- 0 -------- 2 - I replaced my plumbing from...
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    Oil sample Petcock Valve Instructions

    So many question if there UOA sample was contaminated. For the price of one UOA you can be sure all your samples are accurate. Any good pipe fittings store can supply you will all you need to take fool proof oil samples. PARTS LIST 1 Two way ball valve make it a 90* type not a 360* valve...
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    VW improves DSG flywheel ?

    Vw has a new part to supercede the old flywheel. There must have been a problem. The old part is and the new - here is what the parts supplier shows Supersession Information Part...
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    BorgWarner has new DSG

    BorgWarner has new DSG November 14th, 2007 Performance parts are great upgrades any motorists can do to his/her car, but pairing them with a reliable transmission is even better. In line with this, BorgWarner is building a better DSG or direct-shift gearbox, as reported by...
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    Pentosin FFL 2 75W DSG fluid

    You now have a option to purchase DSG fluid from Pentosin. It shows it as a 75W gear fluid. So shop around the price should be less than VW G052182A2.
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    FSD Koni Freqency Selective Dampeners

    moderator - this occured during a disconnect from net - please remove this thread it is a double see link below
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    FSD Koni Freqency Selective Dampeners

    This is the best shock :) I have ever owned. They are worth every penny and the install, not the easiest. The cars ride improved so much, like its a more expensive car. Like it gained a thousand pounds and the wheelbase grew. I have the exact opposite of what many others posted, the car is...
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    TDI UOA Database

    Calculated by dividing total wear metals by miles in thousands. The national average is 6.538 ppm total wear metals, less Mn and Ni. This is based on 51 ppm total / 7800 miles by Blackstone. TDI Club Ave : 6.952 ppm. ~~~~~~ Club Ave. OCI : 9981 mi. 8/25/09 Odinsjetta 05/17/09 ALH...
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    VOA - VW Long Life III #G052195M2 VOA

    See Post # 1
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    Total Quartz Ineo MC3 505.01 & Elf LSX 505.01

    I found a gret deal and it may be a mistake so those of you interested in these oils should jump on this deal. They have advertised this so I am sure they will honor the price. I am comitted to my LL III test or I would buy 2 cass of this...
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    2006 1.9 TDI BRM Timing Tool ?

    The Bentley shows two different crank lock tools for the BRM engine. The parts gives a number for the pully 038 105 263 H But I can not seem to find if this is considered a " Round Tooth " or the " Oval Tooth Pulley. Its for this reason the Bentley says use appropriate tool either T 10050...
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    MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Or is it, "Air Mass Meter". or is it, " Air Volume Meter ". The last is probably the correct term and this thread is about several points on the sensor , CURRENTLY PRICED AT $111.00 , NEW. 1. Reliability of the 2006 Part# 038 906 461 B & BX. Has anyone had a failure and if so was it under...
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    Help - replace rear damper

    I have searched thru dozens of pages but can not find what people are using to torque the rear damper retaining nut. Its a 5mm hex in the damper and that I have. I have searched the net for a open sided socket but can only find 22mm or larger. The VW tool kit is 700 USD from Impex is something...
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    Bilstein - Koni - ?

    I have decided at 30k to prepare for the first tire replacement. The first thing I want to do is buy the dampeners. But which - Both of these companies have replacements, Bilstein has a Sport and Heavy Duty series. Koni has the Yellow adjustable and the FSD or Frequency Selective Dampening. I...
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    GM has big plans for us in diesel's They also will have a 2.9 litre and when they mate that to the Colorado things sure are looking better.