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    Buying back a "written off" vehicle from insurance....... anyone know how this can be done?

    Insurance companies love when you do it - no delays, no need to auction or scrap it, no transport costs for them. Call them and tell them you'd like to buy it back
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    Clutch Replacement Light Pedal Feel

    When got my Luk Repset clutch I was worried too. Pedal is much softer than before but everything works normally.
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    Egr bypass without remapping

    tell us please how you can without reprogramming
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    Egr bypass without remapping

    no. you can block it but not fool it without reprogramming it
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    Is a better hand-brake upgrade possible or available ?

    check the type of pads used. some don't have great friction when cold (race pads are pretty bad for example)
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    Battery voltage changing - normal?

    If you are above 13.5 you are golden.
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    New to TDI

    A tune as mentioned and a reserve for a clutch since the stock one has a good chance it won't hold. The tune doesn't just increase maximum power, it makes an all-around improvement in responsiveness. Consider the dynamic EGR/idle tune as well.
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    What are my options for a new key cut to my vehicle besides dealer?

    If you get keys from VW (assuming you mean keys cut already based on VIN) you can then use Tacho to get the SKC and program the RFID. Even though you can't start the engine, the keys will let you turn the ignition on to power the dash. The new keys will need "blank" RFID chips in them
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    Still won’t rev after rebuild

    How did the teeth get bent??
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    Rad fans not turning on.

    I chased a similar problem for 6 years. My guru finally found it by accident. There was a wire break at the temp sensor that would intermittently have contact then lose it. Look carefully at the wiring near all the harness plugs.
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    CA Smog and Tune

    I doubt anyone is going to invest the time/money/effort with EV replacing the ICE.
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    ///// TDI economy Challenge : 60 MPG at 60 MPH /////

    As mentioned, fill tires to maximum safe pressure. Narrowest tires that fit. Drive in the morning before it gets hot so you drive with the windows closed and do not use the AC. Drive all 500 miles in 1 shot as you mentioned (2 trips more likely since you'll have to eat and pee in an 8+ hour...
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    Evaporator core job sucks.... a lot!

    The presence of an AC evaporator uses more space and cars have gotten smaller and filled with more stuff. Much has to do with assembly packaging too - automakers want fastest assembly speed and don't care about disassembly once it's out the door. Then there's the conspiracy theory where they...
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    Spare tire tools. What am I missing?

    I've looked some more. Appears that there are two models of jacks and VW just uses the same packaging. My wheel hold down is a big plastic knob with threaded rod that screws into the trunk floor. Anyone have a photo of a complete kit?
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    Spare tire tools. What am I missing?

    I'm curious what tools are missing from my spare tire kit. I got the car about 10 years ago and it's missing some items from the molded packing. Threaded wheel guide/hanger is on the right side next to it. Where in the foam pack does it usually go?
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    Spare tire tools
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    difference between manual and auto alh?

    Manual cars have 3 glow plugs that are used to warm up the coolant faster on start up. It's not needed but VW made it that way. Manual cars have a higher amp alternator apparently for this reason.
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    Expensive lesson avoided !!

    You do like I do and hold on to that mechanic like a crazy ex-girlfriend following him around from town to town.
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    Immobilizer won’t work with used ecu

    Yes. If the locksmith didn't do that then he can get a new matched setup much cheaper.
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    Immobilizer won’t work with used ecu

    Immobilizer delete is $119 at Malone Tuning.