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    WTB - ALH timing belt tools - SF Bay Area

    Looking to borrow or rent a set of the timing belt tools to do 2 03 Jettas I have. I know they are available to rent from various vendors, but I‘m leery about being held to a 2 week rental period. I’m in Santa Cruz, but can easily get up to San Jose area or Salinas area for pick up. Thanks, John
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    Gold Mine at Pick N Pull

    For anyone with a worn out interior on a MKIV near the SF Bay Area, PicknPull San Jose North location has 2 donors with heated leather seats. One is black, one is Grey. Of the group of these that were there, none had a decent glove box :mad:. Also saw a set of 04 brake light housings that were...
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    P1649 No signal from ABS controller

    I got the Brake light and ABS light on with 3 beeps, just after key on. Don’t have to start the car. My Bentley and forum search suggests this could power related and to check the 3 spade fuses in the block on top of the battery. Also check fuse 9 inside the car. The engine bay fuses were all...
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    5 Speed Trans Question

    259K miles, original clutch. Previously have seen symptoms of the DMF starting to fail. Notably a banging sound heard outside the vehicle at idle that goes away with the clutch pedal pushed in. Based on info from the forum, that is either the DMF starting to fail or the sound of gears in the...
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    Radio No FM Reception, now no FOB/Lock-Unlock

    Just a level set here. '03 Jetta 5MT. My original factory radio didn't have FM reception since I bought the car in 07. It was the Monsoon without the amp in the trunk. A couple years ago I swapped out that head unit for a modern one with bluetooth and other fancy stuff. The FM still has never...
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    Melted Alternator Cable

    At highway speed and suddenly the dash starts beeping and the Battery LED, and probably some others, started flashing. Pulled to the shoulder and found that the large cable that goes to the alternator had melted the fuse block on top of the battery. Got towed home. There are a few threads here...
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    Salvage Title 2013 Jetta and Fix

    Hi, Just wondering if VW will perform the dieselgate upgrades or fix to a 2013 Jetta that has not had them done and has a salvage title. (At VW's cost of course) Some of these gen1 TDIs are looking appealing to me now. --John
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    3 issues to sort out

    03 Jetta 5 speed. New tires all the way around. 250K miles 1) Occasionally I can feel a tick coming from the suspension in my left foot. It can be felt when the car is making a sweeping right turn, notably on the highway. It may also be brought on by hitting little bumps in the road surface. I...
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    Mk IV Heated Seats - SF Bay Area

    Just pulled out a set of black "velour" heated seats to replace with leather ones I recently found. Excellent condition, no rips, bolsters are solid. Non smoking vehicle. Heating elements work. Only issue is that the connector on the rear driver's side seatback used to lower it for trunk...
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    Stinky Seats

    Picked up a set of pristine heated leather seats at the junkyard. Turns out they reek to high heaven of tobacco smell. Likely some brand of little cigar. They're in my garage now and the stink is powerful if I walk by em. How can I drop the smell down to bearable? John
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    T/O bearing noise?

    My 03 Jetta has 240K miles on the original clutch. Lately while at a stop in neutral, I can hear a beating sound that doesn't exactly follow rpms. In other words, rather than getting one new sound for every combustion sound, it happens maybe 4 times out of 15 combustion beats. It's not constant...
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    Turbo Broken 01 Jetta

    I looked at an 01 Jetta yesterday with a "broken turbo". It was near dark and I had just come from work so I didn't dig in too deep. With the rubber hose off the intercooler path we ran the engine for about 15 seconds. No knocking sound. Top of the engine was pretty oily, said to be leaking from...
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    Temp Gauge Reading - 03 Jetta ALH

    My 03 Jetta is currently losing some coolant at a rate of less than a reservoir full every 100 miles. Couple questions. 1) The temp gauge moves up to the 190 mark and stays there, period. In the 9 years I've had the car it's never crept up above or fluctuated once it hit that spot. Does the...
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    Door locks not working

    03 Jetta, electric door locks. Background: I removed all door cards to do a refresh on the inserts. On reassembly the front passenger door lock is not working, either with door lock/unlock button or with key fob. To lock I now have to manually push the button down and to open I have to either...
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    MK4 Jetta Rear seatback stuck

    One of the rear seatbacks is locked in the shut position. Putting the key in and twisting doesn't unlock the seatback. What are my options?
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    New sound, what is it?

    Hi All, 03 Jetta manual, 225K miles on original turbo, engine, transmission. Recently I started hearing a new sound, wondering if I should be concerned or how concerned I should be. It's been making this sound for 3-4 months, maybe 4-5K miles. At the end of winding out each gear to get ready...
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    01 Jetta Auto Part Out

    175K gentle miles. No tune. Body parts are all pretty bad. Not with rust, dented. Engine / Transmission excellent, turbo, 11mm pump all good. Interior parts clean and in good condition. I had it for less than a year, purchased from second owner, then got totaled in the rain. Checking to see...
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    WTB: Panzer Plate stand offs; Have regulator for trade.

    Looking for a set of panzer plate Stand Offs or Legs for a mk IV manual TDI Jetta. They're $40 each new on line plus shipping. I have a voltage regulator to trade if interested. P/N is BR14-MO F 00M 144 136. Let me know John
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    Skid Plate Wanted MK IV

    Looking for a skid plate for my 01 Jetta. Something in metal. Trying to save a few bucks from new panzer etc. I'm in CA, Santa Cruz. Lemme know, Thanks, John
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    Stripped threads on accessory bracket

    I replaced the alternator in my 01 Jetta TDI, and on reinstalling the serpentine belt tensioner, I managed to strip out the threads in one of the threaded holes in the accessory bracket. Now there are essentially only 2 bolts holding the tensioner in, with the third doing a very weak job. I'm...