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    Seat Adjustment - not working?

    A couple of pictures for clarity.
  2. Lube


  3. Seat Adjust Mechanism

    Seat Adjust Mechanism

    Far View, Lube seat adjust pin
  4. Seat Adjust Mechanism

    Seat Adjust Mechanism

    Lube seat adjust pin
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    Brake bleeding problems, rear caliper replacement

    I am a little confused. ABS pump bleeding is not required if air is not introduced to the ABS pump says ross-tech but suppose it couldn't hurt...
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    White 'Crud' from mirror mount

    Anybody know what the white crud is that comes out from behind the side view mirror mount (that triangular shaped thing on the door) when you wash the car. If you leave the hose water there, it never seems to stop coming out. I have seen other Golfs with water stains on the door just below the...
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    Ce que j'ai eu besoin aujourd'hui
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    Ou acheter DEXOIT / Where to buy DEOXIT

    Ymz, When I removed harness (to check gp resistance) and re-installed, I reset MIL with Vag-Com since all gps showed good. That was 3 days ago and MIL hasn't come back. I recently had #3 gp changed (under warranty at dealer) and I am thinking that the harness wasn't seated properly. I'll...
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    Ou acheter DEXOIT / Where to buy DEOXIT

    Ou acheter DEOXIT / Where to buy DEOXIT Ou est-ce que je peux acheter DEOXIT dans la region de Montreal. C'est pour traiter le glow plug harness. J'ai un CEL mais les plugs sont bon (tous .7 ohms.) Merci. Where can I buy DEOXIT ( in the Montreal area. It's to treat the glow...
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    coolant leak question

    I've had that flange replaced twice under warranty due to coolant leak. Faulty design ?
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    DVDVW deviendra... ELEMENT_DVD

    Touareg V10 TDI
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    Golf IV Tdi - Tête de moteur
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    Thanks. I will check it out this weekend.
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    Yes !
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    Est-ce que quelqun a vu ce genre de rouille sur un Golf 2002 (voir photo). C'est certainement la rouille qui a commence a l'interior du porte arriere. Mon wiper arierre coulait l'hiver passe. Le dealer a change ca sous garantie. Je pense que la fuit a contribue a ce probleme. Penses-tu que le...
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    Question sur les ABS???

    Bad ABS sensor ?
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    VW Certified? Worth it

    In Canada, a certified vw gets you 2 years or 40,000 km warranty extension after new vehicle warranty expires.,2277,40,00.html Coverage 2-year/40,000 km basic warranty (whichever comes first) Begins when the new vehicle limited warranty expires or upon...
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    VW Certified? Worth it

    I was told the warranty is extended to 2 years or 40,000 km. So I am assuming that translates to 6yrs or 120,000 km. I'll have to check. Hope I didn't misunderstand the saleman...
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    VW Certified? Worth it

    I bought a 2002 Golf TDI vw certified. That gave me a warranty extension from 4 yrs/80,000 km to 6 yrs/120,000 km. So far I have had rear wiper motor replaced, heated mirror replaced and some engine flange replaced due to a coolant leak. All this covered under warranty (I'm at 93,000 km)...
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    Recherche mois de Décembre 2005

    Recherche Splash Pan / Sound Dampening Pan / Skid plate Je cherche un splash pan/sound dampening pan pour ma Golf 2002 GLS TDI avec xmsn automatic. La mienne est completement dechire (crise d'hiver). Notez que il y'a des pan different pour une xmsn manuelle et xmsn automatic. VAG part # 1J0...