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    Fest videos

    This was one I shot yesterday from one Beetle that had a diagonal exhaust stack.
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    Unfinished business

    Just wondering if this will ever come to pass....
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    Wireless internet: charge it to your room

    If you booked at the Hyatt under the TDIfest rate, to use the internet, jut charge it to your room.
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    En route to the Fest

    This thread is more to keep each other apprised of progress en route to the Fest. As I am typing this, I am at a truck stop in Osseo, WI.
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    Gooseberry Falls State Park, MN

    I spotted a gray B5 sedan with WI plates 321-MPS (not entirely sure of the numerics) in the parking lot at Gooseberry Falls State Park this afternonn.
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    B4V, I-94 between St. Paul, MN and Hudson, WI

    Dark gray B4V with red badging spotted on eastbound I-94 from Woodbury Drive and the first Wisconsin exit. MN license KMG-411.
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    Sport Wagon, Lawrence, KS

    White Jetta Sport Wagon spotted on Iowa St. in Lawrence, KS. Kansas license 337-AZK, and I didn't catch the county.
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    Woodbury, MN

    Spotted a 2-door Golf in the parking lot at Wal-mart: MN license MACH 88. Anyone know who this might be?
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    Hotel and registration

    When will group-rate hotel reservations be available and what are the room rates? Also, when should we expect to see registration open?
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    Spotted in Cincinnati - here for the Fest?

    Red Golf, Kentucky license 490-DVC, upper (southbound) deck of the Brent Spence Bridge (I-71/75 over the Ohio River).
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    Black Jetta Sport Wagon TDI, near Lafayette, IN

    As I was driving toward the Fest, I saw one of these pass me on southbound I-65 with a temporary tag, I believe an Indiana temporary.
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    En route to TDIfest

    Who is already en route? I am posting this from a truckstop in Osseo, WI, about 606 miles from the Fest.
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    Convoy proposal: Going to TDIfest from MSP-CHI corridor

    Who plans to go to the Fest and would be joining up using a route that is tentatively slated to go east from the Twin Cities on I-94, continuing on I-90 into the Chicago area, then using I-290 and I-294 to get around the Chicago area, and using 80-94 to enter Indiana? I plan to time this trip to...
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    2 near Marengo, IL

    Spotted in the westbound lanes of the tollway: First one: White NB, with rabbit TDI badge, IL license CHEF KD 1. Second one: Black A4 Jetta sedan, Pennsylvania temporary tag. Both at about 11:00am CDT on 5/25/08.
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    VWAG 2007 earnings: €4.1 billion after taxes

    Stock price is up 368% in euro terms from the end of 2004 to the end of 2007. VWAG 2007 annual report (pdf, 8.8 MB)
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    Who has already left home?

    I'm just wondering how many people have already left home to drive to the Fest. Currently, I am in the Lansing area, and will be leaving from here early tomorrow morning with a view toward arriving in Montreal toward the tail end of rush hour. (I built 30 minutes into my schedule to clear customs.)
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    B5 sedan, Woodbury, MN

    437-LVJ, Wisconsin plates, silver. I spotted you near the Woodbury post office.
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    I-94 in St. Paul, 8/4/07

    Spotted a silver NB with silver TDI badging on I-94 westbound at Fairview Avenue at about 2:30pm yesterday, stuck in traffic (lane closure to allow displaced 35W traffic to merge). It had a Minnesota "loon plate", but I cannot remember the plate number.
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    MN to Montreal for TDIfest

    Who plans to drive from MN to TDIfest, and where would you like the convoy to cross into Canada?
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    FL A4 in St. Paul, MN

    Eastbound I-94 at about Highway 61 South, 4:30pm today. Black A4 Jetta sedan, Florida license G86-8GG.