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    VagCom VCDS HEX-USB+CAN for sale

    **SOLD** VagCom VCDS HEX-USB+CAN for sale SOLD Had this sitting around for a while - sold the golf not that long ago, and need to clean out the closet! This goes! $200 shipped to your door in the CONUS, I can take paypal. these have the license built into the dongle itself, only since you...
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    FS: Golf TDI GLS 5spd White in NC

    2001 Golf TDI GLS manual 5spd with sunroof and 16" alloys. I have owned this since new in 2001. Has the sunroof, heated mirrors, electric windows and locks. I got some used 16" alloys off of a jetta GLX and had tossed out the 15" wheels long ago. Pics here...
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    ALH engine cover - from 2001 GOLF

    Sold! gone!
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    FS: VASB Van Aaken Smart Box - ALH 10 Pin - $150

    Sold!! It's gone - sold.
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    A4 VW brand CD Changer

    Posting for a friend.... he isn't a TDIer, but he drives a golf.... close enough. Alberto is selling the OEM changer that came in his 2002 golf. With one magazine. Alberto is asking $175, but he might take other reasonable offers. You can contact him directly - he is located Chapel Hill, NC...
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    relay 109 replacement how-to... any interest?

    I replaced mine today - was trying to figure out where the funny clicking noises are coming from behind the dash (it is the relay panel - but not often). started recently. anyway - I took some pictures when I replaced this thing today.... Almost like something out of 2001 a space...
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    What an idiot.... supercharger - what??

    I wasn't sure where else to put this.... it's worth a good laugh.... Here is a link for a PDF of the auction in case it is no longer available on ebay.... stupid ebay auction.... I gotta have one...
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    FREE tensioner tool - well, almost free.. >>SOLD<<

    It's free, only you pay whatever shipping costs are to your address. The tool is the one sold on Why am I dumping it? Well - metalnerd's tool is soooo cool and wonderful, that I have never used this one. I had this one before I bought the set of tools from metalnerd. I was...
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    Labor Day Timing Belt change - Raleigh/Durham area - Any interest?

    Anyone interested in watching a timing belt change? Sorry for the short notice - a member wants a timing belt done - approaching 75000 I think on the current original belt - AND I happen to have labor day free (it's my normal day off anyway). Since I don't have anything better to do with my...
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    OBD-II interface for VAG-COM >>SOLD<<

    This is the interface that LanduytG sells. I have two interfaces I have been using (this is one of them), I want to switch to a hex-com, but need to sell my old ones first. note: Three options: --first option, interface with the fancy cable for $60 shipped. --Second option, interface only...
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    Opinions on hose clamp pliers?

    OK - I remember PeterV had some nifty, geee-whiz kinda pliers for removing hose clamps (well - holding them open anyway). I have found 3 different ones that work the same: Astro (the pliers, not the dog) Lisle version Mayhew version The benefit of these types...
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    Soybean Diesel Plant coming to Central NC

    well - it's still in the planning stage, but we are talking about a local, central NC processing plant that makes biodiesel. This is the BEST use of the tobacco settlement money I have seen yet. article at the News and Disturber.
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    All Gone --> free to good home - digital multimeters (2 total)

    They're history! thanks for all the interest. [ November 04, 2002, 07:30: Message edited by: schnabba ]
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    Nevermind (Was: Wanted: OEM airbox)

    found one for testing on the vortex.... [ October 06, 2002, 13:22: Message edited by: schnabba ]
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    Extending the EGR limits in diesel engines.

    some "labcoats" paper about the effect of EGR on the TDI.... found it while I was searching for something unrelated to EGR. Thought some people might like it. EGR testing on the TDI (PDF)
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    EGR bypass ideas ? (off road use only of course)

    Ok - to get this topic started - it was reported in dieselgeek's new high performance part that it might be possible to bypass the EGR and keep a Check Engine Light from appearing. In the picture below, they are using another Item #12 (vacuum reservoir) and attaching it to the hose that goes...
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    Golf IV stock tail lights

    **edit** These are now at the local landfill. **end edit** I have a pair of Golf IV tail light assemblies - no bulbs, just the lenses and the bulb assembly (minus any glass bulbs). OEM that came off of my golf, and have been sitting in the garage collecting dust. Perfect condition. will post...
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    Biodiesel coming to raleigh, NC

    Got an email from a friend - knows I am a diesel SUPERfreak! This may be old news, but I just heard about it. here is the text of the message: <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">
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    squeaky door straps?

    I think they are referring to the base of the grease - like the heavy duty lithium or sodium based greases. I find these messy for things like door jambs, and was just using a PFTE based grease (teflon is the trademarked name by DuPont for PFTE). I get it at radio shack. ARCHER brand household...
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    Modifying Catch can for 3/4" hose

    Here is a PDF document I created after modifying the catch can I have as a CCV bypass. I wanted to use 3/4" hose instead of 3/8". The file is now 2.6 MB in size and is acrobat 4.0 compatible (updated as of 06/10/2002) Page breaks and image sizes are suitable for printing. Pictures, part...