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  1. dtrvler

    Wanted: 2000+ VW TDI Cars Needing Work

    Harleyrider.....i'm interested...where are these cars? WV?
  2. dtrvler

    ALH differences? ''98 -99 vs 00-03?

    There is a rubber/cloth vacuum line in the early jettas that rots the ecm case. Maybe others can chime in to confirm but i think its the '99 jettas....not sure about the bugs
  3. dtrvler

    Wanted: pre 2003 manual TDI (WA state)

    Sent you some texts with lots of info.
  4. dtrvler

    Clutch Contaminated w/ Gear Oil- Any Hope?

    I like the brake clean idea...or even degreaser....ive never cleaned one though. I have just use new ones to solve disc oil contaminstion. That oil wont hurt the metal parts in there tho. I would probly yank it and sand with 120 or so the PP and FW just enough to break the shine and stick a new...
  5. dtrvler

    2006 TDI BRM Charge Pressor Question?

    Leaking egr coolers on brms leak exhaust pressure. You fixed the leak with the new egr cooler. That caused higher exhaust pressure turning the turbo resulting in more boost.
  6. dtrvler

    Anyone have a nice ALH Jetta for sale?

    Even if i lived there i'd fly to get one from somewhere out of the rust/salt belt. Its worth it.
  7. dtrvler

    B5.5 Serpentine tensioner

    Yep. Totally agree. I bought a Cherry condition White Special Edition 06 BRM for 500.00 after the alt pulley bearing/clutch failed and the serp wrapped around the crank sprocket and toasted the tb and head.
  8. dtrvler

    Need help, 2006 Jetta Rolling Coal and virtually no power

    You can bleed at test port on TP. Easier to crank with glow plugs out You can watch for diesel mist...of course you will need to reconnect the injector harness connector. I dont...
  9. dtrvler

    The Saga Continues - Engine Oil Drained Completely within 4 miles with No Effect on Performance

    I agree Jmodge.... I know its a bunch more work Benjamis....but I'd replace the bearing (s). The spec is surely around 1.5 to 2 thousands or so....dont take my word for that exact spec but its around its way out of spec....and your oil pressure is going to be low with .013 clearance...
  10. dtrvler

    Is my mechanic bullshitting me?

    Sounds like there was valve to piston contact and a valve got bent then broke. High probability of mistakes made.
  11. dtrvler

    B5.5 Serpentine tensioner

    Well, it kinda depends....normally i just check them....make sure the bearing is rattles or play in anything....and replace ones that are beginning to wear out. But when im rebuilding a motor i go new. The INA one is only 70 bucks or so. A serp belt failure can cause a motor to jump...
  12. dtrvler

    B5.5 Serpentine tensioner

    Yeah i see overtorqued bolts all the time. So i have several sets of these:
  13. dtrvler

    B5.5 Serpentine tensioner

    18 ft-lbs
  14. dtrvler

    WTB Intercooler Air Duct Shroud Passat 2.0 TDI

    Title says it here is a diagram of it: I'll never understand why some guys throw stuff out that actually make sense to keep on the car. 🤔
  15. dtrvler

    Need help, 2006 Jetta Rolling Coal and virtually no power
  16. dtrvler


    Thats just to get some smoke in it. Then cap and pressurize. Look and Listen for leaks. I usually can hear the leaks. Without the smoke. IDparts has a test kit. Similar to the one Mozambiquer posted above.I like to test the whole boost pipe system from the turbo to the intake. I turn the hoses...
  17. dtrvler

    Electrical gremlins 2006 BRM Automatic
  18. dtrvler

    Electrical gremlins 2006 BRM Automatic

    Im sure I have just cut and capped the yellow wire to stop parasitic battery drain on mk5 cars and others. The red wire needs to be connected to switched power. The car may cut off the power to the red wire after you cut the yellow. The yellow wire draw may be keeping the car awake.