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  1. Fixmy59bug

    Trim level differences

    Seeing as I work for Mazda, I may have some insight.... So the diesel engine in the CX-5 is fairly decent. However, the diesel engine was never really marketed, so no one ever knew it existed. Plus it was only available in the $42,000 top trim level which is an absolutely boneheaded move...
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    Dealership Passat Battery Install

    Wouldnt we (desert dwellers) be the lucky ones since it is always under warranty? When the battery gets replaced, it has its own 5 year warranty (3 years free 2 years prorated). And if it fails within that warranty period, it gets it own fresh 5 year warranty.
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    Trim level differences

    The SEL does have real leather with Dynamica ("suede") inserts. Heated seats and auto headlights were standard equipment on all NMS Passat TDI's. SE with Sunroof & Nav was a trim level, so Navigation was not exclusive to SEL's. Though, it was the RNS315, not the RNS510 which came only on the...
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    Special 507 oil for the DPF

    I bought my first oil change kit from And (after the warranty refund) I have never paid for another oil change after that.
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    Adblue reset light on after filling

    if your car gives you a “200 miles until no restart” message, you have a bad ”reductant level sensor”. The car is supposed to start counting at 1,500 miles. You need to replace the adblue heater unit. It has the level sensor built into it.
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    Hotter ambient temps cause regen to cycle more?

    Unless you drive over 200 miles per day, you shouldn't be seeing that many regens. For me, it's approx every 300 miles.
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    Battery draining issue - 2014 Passat TDI

    On models with the MDI in the center armrest, it is built into the MDI unit. Otherwise you are correct, it would be under the passenger seat.
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    14’ Passat A/C issues after heater core replacement.

    It's possible they jammed the temperature flap. They did that on my car when they did the heater core. I hate to say it, but it's kinda easy to do if they're not being careful.
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    ***Official maintenance schedule for your VW [PDFs inside]***

    that’s weird. I just tried it and it worked just fine for me. maybe try the direct link.
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    Tail Light wiring question

    It doesnt dim by cutting voltage. The BCM actually uses Pulse Width Modulation to dim the bulb. I'm not too familiar with TOAD wiring, but I dont think it would be possible to utilize the factory taillights
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    Engine failure at 95k

    Looking at their profile, the last time they were here was in December. I wouldnt expect to see an answer.
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    simple coding change with VCDS, OBD Eleven, or Carista
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    I would strongly suggest looking at the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 that are currently on sale at tire rack for $130 or even the DWS 06 Plus that sell for $128 on Tire Rack
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    Ideally it would only happen on hilly terrain, but there are many accounts on Vortex of it holding even on flat terrain. I had it happen on my 2013 Passat and that's what led me to research how to disabling it. It was holding so long that there would be a 5 car gap in front of me at a green...
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    Rns510 with fender audio

    More than 9 days... Its right there in his post.
  16. Fixmy59bug

    Rns510 with fender audio

    I doubt the dealer still has it since it was over a year ago
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    Let us not forget that this COULD also be the "hill hold assist" doing its thing preventing the car from moving. So it could be completely normal.
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    2014 Passat TDI AC Noise (Audible in cabin).

    Ohhhh, Ok. A hissing noise could be possible. Sorry, when someone starts talking about an AC compressor noise, I think like a bearing grumbling.
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    2014 Passat TDI AC Noise (Audible in cabin).

    I'm not sure how a faulty RCV would cause any noise. And I'm not sure how a faulty compressor could cause noise INSIDE the cabin.
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    DSG or Dual Clutch?

    Avoid the 2012's. The first generation turbo that was on the 2012's failed harder than the GameStop hedge fund managers are right now. The EARLY 2013's also had this problem, but the numbers were very low. Most of them are generally trouble free. Despite what Brian said, the 2015's are the...