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  1. ssaric1.9TDI

    Rear sway bar?

    Hey Nero, Whats your suspension set up? Are you lowered at all or riding the stock height? Also did you upgrade your front sway bar and is it also 28mm? On one of my previous Jetta's I had front sway bar Neuspeed 28mm and it made a huge difference. I never modified rear ones before. Thank you SAM
  2. ssaric1.9TDI

    11,033 Mile Road Trip

    Simply WOW. What an amazing pictures, I have a feeling this might turn into one of the most interesting posts. We all need to take after you and just sit in our cars and drive and see this beautiful country (and run into each other with our TDI's). Keep posting!!!!
  3. ssaric1.9TDI

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I just looked over you Jetta from that link below, man it looks amazing. Keep up the good work. I might steel some ideas from that tread of yours. Thank you SAM
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  5. ssaric1.9TDI

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Thats a great looking door handle and makes interior look 100x better especially if the door cards are black and leather. Let me know if you are looking to score other brush nickle pieces. I have the other 3 remaining door handles and also the little lock knobs and door pullers all in brush nickle.
  6. ssaric1.9TDI

    My "new" storm grey b4v

    Totaly understand you, I wouldn't sell the audi either. I am also sure that you'll love the passat just as much with all that space inside and 20gal tank it will be a blast driving it even if its not as fast as audi. Enjoy them and keep us posted. SAM
  7. ssaric1.9TDI

    My "new" storm grey b4v

    @crsracing, I saw that audi for sale a while back, glad that it went to someone on this forum who is going to take a great care of it. I bet its a lot of fun to rip that thing around corners. The color is absolutely amazing even if its brighter than imola yellow. Passat also looks great and very...
  8. ssaric1.9TDI

    My "new" storm grey b4v

    Please tell me its yellow, lol. Post some pictures from that S4 next to the wagon.
  9. ssaric1.9TDI

    2000 Golf TDI 5 Speed and Extras, Bethlehem PA, $1500 SOLD!

    If you were just closer I would be all over this one. GLWS
  10. ssaric1.9TDI

    My "new" storm grey b4v

    Great looking wagon. Keep us posted on all the improvements you do to that car. Also S4 TDI, that sounds great.
  11. ssaric1.9TDI

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I got the same knobs and they are so cool and make interior looks so much richer IMO. Also I see you are going for that GLI look with brush nickle pieces. I have some door handles and door pullers and those lock tabs for each door if you are interested in more brush nickle GLI pieces. Thank...
  12. ssaric1.9TDI

    Side skirts from GLI the same for a wagon ?

    MK4 Platform, yes they will fit. Also front lip will fit. Rear lip will fit short bumpers on wagon, not the long bumpers.
  13. ssaric1.9TDI

    Trusted TDI mechanic Atlanta area You can look by state list and there are 5 shops on the list aroun ATL area. Hope this helps. Thank you SAM
  14. ssaric1.9TDI

    Owner manuals

    I have an extra set. Hit me up if you still need them, I can send some pictures to take a look. Thank you SAM
  15. ssaric1.9TDI

    Samurai AHU Swap = Complete

    Amazing job, I love the way it looks.
  16. ssaric1.9TDI

    Audi B6 AWDTDI Swap

    This is a awesome swap, cant wait to see more content and learn from you. On the other hand I'll happily take the caddy off of your hands if it ever comes to be for sale. SAM
  17. ssaric1.9TDI

    New to me 2003 Jetta Wagon TDi manual

    Beautiful car, I love the color. Whats the mileage on it?
  18. ssaric1.9TDI

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I had a spare grill sitting in my garage from an old wrecked Jetta so I decided to paint it black. Not bad for spray can paint job. Now I can switch back and forth from gray to black.
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  20. ssaric1.9TDI

    2003 VW Golf 1.9l TDI 5-speed manual 2-door $5000 obo

    Nice looking Golf and its 2 door. If I was in the market I would be all over this one. GLWS I think it will sell super fast.