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  1. Lex4TDI4Life

    WTB - CLEAN MKIV 2-Dr Seats NY/CT/NJ Area or Along I-95 Corridor to Savannah

    Like it says, I am looking for a clean set of seats from a MKIV 2-dr, leather/cloth/20th. I'm probably not interested in R32s. Can pick up in the Tri-State Area or along the I-95 corridor to Savannah, Georgia.
  2. Lex4TDI4Life

    Lift Ideas for MKIV Golf Smyth Ute

    So, it is time to start sorting the suspension on my MKIV Smyth Ute and I think a proper lift is in order. I am debating also throwing on some oversized tires to just make this thing a bit more ridiculous :) As you will see, because the rear is about 250 lbs lighter, it sits a couple inches...
  3. Lex4TDI4Life

    The Mystery of the Open Door....

    How can I tell which door my CCM thinks is open? In brief, my car thinks that one or more doors is open. Symptoms: Cannot lock using my remote fob Interior lights stay on when in "door open" mode, but even when the doors are closed. Chime keeps dinging for ~30 seconds after start up and...
  4. Lex4TDI4Life

    WTB: Fuse Block and Battery Box MKIV Jetta/Golf

    As the title says. I am looking for a good fuse box that sits atop the battery. Could also use the battery box itself. Shoot me a PM with what you got.
  5. Lex4TDI4Life

    Rusted Rocker Panel Thoughts

    In the course of buttoning up my Smythe Ute project , I have run into the dreaded rusted driver's side rocker panel. My concerns here are not aesthetic; this will ultimately be covered up by the side skirts that come with the Ute kit. Rather, I would like to prevent the rust from spreading...
  6. Lex4TDI4Life

    Paint Booth Rental NY/NJ/PA/New England?

    I have come to the sad decision that I cannot justify the cost of a professional paint job for my Smyth Ute conversion ( I would, however, like to de-jalopy it with a paint job. In theory, one can rent time at...
  7. Lex4TDI4Life

    Exhaust Manifold Copper Pinch Nuts. Still need washers?

    I saw this question asked a couple other places, but saw no direct answer. Pulled my turbo and exhaust manifold. The nuts holding the manifold onto the studs had washers under them. Do I need to reinstall these when using new copper pinch nuts? My assumption is "no" because none of the turbo...
  8. Lex4TDI4Life

    Name this mystery part!

    This fell out when working on my turbo. Any ideas?
  9. Lex4TDI4Life

    Bolt Part # or Size? Oil return line to turbo

    Finally getting around to replacing my turbo, but one of the two bolts holding the oil return line to the housing has gone missing. Haven't been able to find a part #. Does anyone have a part number or the dimensions? TIA -Lex
  10. Lex4TDI4Life

    WTB: ALH EGR - Need Not Be Working

    As the title says, I am looking for an EGR, working or not. Just needs to be in good enough condition to bolt into place and not look like it has been chewed up.
  11. Lex4TDI4Life

    FS: Two MKIV Golf/Jetta Wagon Rear Wiper Motors

    I have two spares around I no longer have use for. Looking for $20 + shipping each. To my knowledge, they work, but I have not tested them. #1 #2
  12. Lex4TDI4Life

    WTB MKIV Golf Fenders and Hood - New England, NJ, NY

    Like the title says, I'm looking to pick up clean, OEM, no-rust fenders and a hood for my beloved Golf Camino Color doesn't matter. Just need to be rust free and OEM. Will come and pick up.
  13. Lex4TDI4Life

    Online CNC Machining Recommendation?

    So I have decided to fab up brackets to mount Morimoto LED projectors to MKIV Golf headlight housings. After failing miserably at cutting my own sheet aluminum, I decided to learn some basic CAD and design them to be CNC machined by someone else. Does anyone have recommendations for a shop I...
  14. Lex4TDI4Life

    WTB: MKIV Golf/GTI Stock Headlights and Headlight Parts

    Fabbing up some HIDs and need a couple sets of stock housings. Broken tabs are fine, but would like in tact adjusters. Could also use just the reflectors pulled out of of housings. Lemme know whatcha got!
  15. Lex4TDI4Life

    Another Fuse 14 / CCM Thread - Advanced Help Needed!

    Howdy! In the course of cutting my beloved Golf up for a Smyth Ute Conversion (build thread here: I have found a way to keep blowing Fuse 14 (and only fuse 14), which pretty much shuts down all the central locking, windows, interior lights...
  16. Lex4TDI4Life

    Golf MKIV Smyth Ute Project

    So I have finally found the time, space, and resources to truckify my beloved Reflex Silver 2001 Golf TDI. There are a number of resources out there to help the very amateur enthusiast undertake this project, but I have found all of them lacking, mostly because I need certain things spelled out...
  17. Lex4TDI4Life

    Stealership Installed Gas Cluster - Should I care?

    So, for a very silly set of reasons, I had to bring my car to the dealership to get a key programmed. After being unable to code my old key to the immobilizer, they determined the cluster was bad and put in a new one. Ironically, that didn't work with my old key, so they got and cut a new...
  18. Lex4TDI4Life

    Backup Camera on MKIV Golf - Wiring Routing Options?

    I recently installed a Pioneer MVH-2300NEX headunit ( in my 2001 Golf TDI. So far, I love it. It has an input for an optional backup camera. I have gotten used to the camera in my 2016 R and figured I would try...
  19. Lex4TDI4Life

    No Start/No Crank: Immobilizer?

    So I left my car in a parking garage where it got down into the teens this week. I get back to it, turn the key and let the glow plugs cycle. No problem. Turn the key, however, and it manages maybe 1/10 of a crank and then stops. Tried a few more times, cycled the glow plugs just fine, but...