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  1. adjat84th

    FS - MK7 Golf SEL Radio/Nav Unit

    Have a display, trim, and head unit from my 2015 Golf for sale. No scratches on the trim or screen, all functioning great before I removed. $200 shipped (US)
  2. adjat84th

    FS: GTD1752vrk w/ Oval Port Tubular Manifold

    TURBO IS SOLD!!! I still have the oval port manifold, but specific to the BMW style turbine inlet. Could come in handy if I ever decide to do something stupid and go 2872vrk For sale is a 2 year old (and 20k miles) GTD1752vrk turbo and oval port tubular manifold from Darkside. This turbo made...
  3. adjat84th

    FS: 02M Synchro Sets (brass), 1st-4th gears

    Full set of brand new synchro rings for 1st through 4th gears for 02M 6spd. These are priced around $550 from the dealer for all 10 rings. Part #s are: Gears 1-2 are: 02M311277A (inner ring) 02F311279 (outer ring) 02M311247A (synchro) 3rd gear Synchro set: 02M311277 (inner ring) 02M311279...
  4. adjat84th

    6spd 02Q fluid differences

    Doing a drain and fill of my gearbox fluid to send off a UOA sample (want to see if there's any wear with the SMF gear clatter) and noticed when looking at the erWin fluid capacities tables that the 02Q in the Passat calls for different fluid than the 02Q in the Golf/GSW. G052171A2 1L $27.00...
  5. adjat84th

    FS: Auto Polar - PolarFIS PF03

    Have a brand new, never installed or opened PF03 purchased from GDM. $200 shipped Will ship to Canada if buyer pays shipping.
  6. adjat84th

    MK7 Brake Upgrade

    Looking into upgrading brakes on my MK7 Golf and have my eyes set on GTI brakes that come standard with the performance package. In my searching, it appears that only the caliper carriers need to be acquired in order to fit the standard GTI rotors as they use the same caliper as the Golf. In...
  7. adjat84th

    FS: 18" VW Durban Wheels

    SOLD!! Just swapped on some different wheels to my Golf so I have these up for grabs. They have 60k miles on them with two very minor blemishes pictured. One of the wheels did have curb rash when purchased, but was professionally repaired. Will come with center caps, lug bolts including...
  8. adjat84th

    FS : 02M/02Q Steel shift forks w/ bronze sliders

    ALL ITEMS SOLD! For sale is a new OEM set of 1st-4th gear steel shift forks for the 02M/02Q 6spds purchased from Darkside. These are beefier than the brass units that most 02M and 02Q gearboxes have. Never installed, asking $150 shipped.
  9. adjat84th

    MK7 Golf Build

    The suspect : The car has been tuned almost since purchase, and within three months I had a downpipe on with a resonator and dual exit through a GTI valence. Very pleased with the look and the sound has grown on me. I got up with Andrew (2micron) about a CP3 upgrade, and after waiting a couple...
  10. adjat84th

    FS : HPFP w/ 57k Miles (off MK7)

    SOLD!! I have available a CP4 pump with 57k miles off my '15 Golf. $175 shipped asking price (these are $800 new)
  11. adjat84th

    Coding tweaks deactivating weekly

    I recently started having issues with my '15 Golf SEL and the coding tweaks to the window/sunroof operation. I'll first start by saying that I have a driver's window motor fault code that is intermittent, and when it shows up the window will not perform the auto up/down nor be able to be reset...
  12. adjat84th

    Anyone have special alternator pulley tools in hampton roads?

    Got an alternator pulley that might be shot (could also be an idler I suppose). Anyone have these special tools locally that could be rented? -Adam-
  13. adjat84th

    Car wanted a new alternator pulley for Christmas?

    The alternator pulley was replaced before I bought the car at roughly 168k miles. Now with 211k on it, I was on my way to a movie with the fiance and heard a chirping sort of noise. I've heard a bad bearing before so pretty sure that's what it was. Battery light flickered on a few times, not...
  14. adjat84th

    FS (VA): NEW Accelerator Pedal Assemble

    Brand new pedal assembly for sale. Computer was showing a faulty accelerator sensor, was actually a bad computer. The part came from here and should be compatible across multiple models and years. I just did a little searching on the world impex site, so double check for yourself to make...
  15. adjat84th

    Accelerator Position Sensor (18047) - Implausible Signal

    I've been trying to troubleshoot this code for few days now with no luck. What I've done so far : Replaced brake light switch Tried new pedal (which took 2 weeks to get here from Germany!) Checked pedal position in VAG-COM, movement seems fine. 0% when at rest and 100% when on the floor with...
  16. adjat84th

    FS in VA : Black '09 DSG

    Really, really, really love this car and hate to see it up for sale, but it has to go and I would much prefer to try and sell here first. Car has 26.7k miles and is still in like-new condition all around. Sunroof, DSG, iPod hookup in armrest, 10 airbags, key fob programmed windows/sunroof, and...
  17. adjat84th

    Interior light connection?

    My rear interior lights (in the headliner) do not work. Car is brand new! Wife said she saw very dim light one time and that was it. Took the cover off and checked the connector at the unit and was fine. Dealer service guy said to make an appointment as the headliner had to come out to fix...