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  1. dieselt

    Timing belt tensioner auto trans.

    I figured it out myself. The question was one based on lack of keeping up with the advancement of parts and reading the procedure too literally. The NB is happily plying the roads again with a new 100,000 mile belt kit in place. Only issue; Automatics are a PIA to maintain TDC during the timing...
  2. dieselt

    Timing belt tensioner auto trans.

    I was about to start a timing belt change on a 2000 NB with automatic transmission. In the procedure the timing belt tensioner is different then the manual transmission equiped vehicles. The kit I have has a tensioner for a manual transmission. I obviously have the wrong tensioner for this...
  3. dieselt

    broken piston rings

    In the process of rebuilding a 360k mi. A3 engine, on piston removal, all 4 top compression piston rings were found broken. Is this common for this engine?
  4. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    My procedure for mounting a wheel: 1. Center the wheel and start the lowest lug bolt by hand. 2. Start the highest lug bolt by hand. 3. Install the remaining lug bolts by hand in a criss cross pattern. 4. Seat all lug bolts using 17mm socket and rachet in a criss cross pattern tight enoungh to...
  5. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    Yes, everything is stock and has been used on the vehicle for the past 4 yrs during the winter.
  6. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    Driving the back roads of Maine is a little rough this time of year, with pot holes and frost heaves. Yesterdy I had the left front wheel come off at about 30 mph. Hitting the brakes forced the vehicle hard right. The 4 foot snow bank pushed the car back to the left, and once I got off the...
  7. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    for what ever reason the info posted twice.
  8. dieselt

    longevity of factory shocks and struts?

    TC'S all the way around at 60k miles with station wagon springs. It is a little stiff but helped with trailer towing and ground clearance. The road surfaces in maine leave a lot to be desired.:mad:
  9. dieselt

    rear coil springs replace or use rubber spacers

    I think you may find the bottom end of the rear springs are broken. Last time rear suspension worked on replaced both springs with station wagon springs doto stock springs being broken. HERMTDI can give you more information on his findings.
  10. dieselt

    2009 Jetta TDI Fuel Economy

    or fuel cost for each mile. :o
  11. dieselt

    difficulty starting

    MC?? If you are ok after warm-up and can wait for Car54 to address your issue please do so. I am not out to promote anyone, but if this forum gives yo a recommendation...please take it. Your problem could be anything from a fuel pump to a fuel line not holding prime..or anything in between...
  12. dieselt

    New injectors ----> hard start. timing change????

    When you "built" the injectors did you test spray pattern and cracking pressure? Your 520s (.205) injectors should have been tested and shimmed to appropriate cracking pressure. I had mine done at a diesel shop for $30.00 (cleaning , cracking pressure check, spray pattern check). Mine were all...
  13. dieselt

    Filter Put in Upside Down

    The only reason there is a top to the filter is because the filter has an oil dam about 1/3rd the way up from the bottom so the filter is never completely drained down when the engine is not running. It still filters even if installed upside down:)
  14. dieselt

    T-belt failure, no damage; is it possible?

    .....Three were less than .001 in. side to side and one was .0018 in., numbers I think would be well within normal but I have no spec. With these numbers does anyone think it needed to open the pan and check the bottom end? Thanks again for all the input, Ray Hey Ray, With that...
  15. dieselt

    Tensioner came loose after TB change?

    [/IMG] Hope your head is in better shape then this one...#4 piston contacted valve face.:(
  16. dieselt

    life of a turbo

    y2k jetta TDI with 118k miles...turbo VNT only has about haff it's throw (1/2"), but is still moving the vehicle along well. They last along time if you take care...I drive at 70MPH for 75 miles a day on cruise control...TC does not get a great work out:o .
  17. dieselt

    Door Switch Welcome...the above link will give you most of the education needed to repair your door issues.
  18. dieselt

    Does driving a TDI really save any money??

    After 5 years of ownership with a head and #4 piston replacement...I'm still ahead. If nothing else I used 35% less fuel then my best gasser. Saving energy...;) And HERM is just down the road:D
  19. dieselt

    Broken timing belt Please help

    Whoa...we are here to help, but need as full a picture as possible. I lived through a similiar catostophic failure due to a valve coming apart. How many pistons need replacement...? Heads are available...not cheap. Any bent rods? The rest is nuts, bolts and gaskets...clean the intake...