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  1. volmaniac

    Bug-a-Palüza 19! April 8-9, 2017 Camp Jordan in East Ridge, TN

    Got an email today about this, wondering if any tdi folks might be interested. Link
  2. volmaniac

    2015 Golf Wagon, any buyers regret?

    Hi my wife really likes the new sportwagon, what are the impressions from owners? Sorry if this is already asked. Thanks for the comments in advance.
  3. volmaniac

    "dubs in the boro" 10-5 (Murfreesboro, TN)

    I am not affiliated & posting for info only. I think it is free to attend unless you are entering the contest or want a spot to swap and sell your stuff. I may head down in the morning to check it out.
  4. volmaniac

    "Thanks" button

    Wondering if it is possible to add a "Thanks" button at the bottom of posts, something like this?
  5. volmaniac

    Happy Birthday!

    17 years old today! What a great treasure this forum has been over the years. Thanks to everyone for making this THE BEST!
  6. volmaniac

    MK4 Stuff for Sale, and Passat Front Passenger Window Regulator

    Euro Sport Cluster IMMO3 with 1/2 FIS (0 miles, miles to empty activated, lit needles, SKC included, computer stalk) $300 shipped CUSA:
  7. volmaniac

    Frontline: Fast Times at West Philadelphia High

    These amazing young people were featured on Frontline on July 17, 2012. These are the next generation Hybrid X team that created the TDI car a few years ago.
  8. volmaniac

    99.5 ALH - 8000 miles in 1 year on Rotella T

    My son has gone about 8k miles in one year since his last oil change with Shell Rotella T 5w40 CJ. Car is a 1999.5 ALH with 188k miles on it. Change it now or wait a couple of months (he drives about 1k miles a month now during travel baseball season)? During the school year he has short 3...
  9. volmaniac

    Non-monsoon single DIN OE Head Units

    I have two of these with the safe codes. One of them is a VW factory refurbished unit that has never been installed. $60 shipped each in continental US only. 1j0 035 180AVX is the part number. Premium 4 stereo cassette.
  10. volmaniac

    Diesel purge setup on an ALH

    I am planning to do a diesel purge on an ALH prior to changing the filter, any problems using Alt B in this diagram? Always used Alt A before. ("FF" = Fuel Filter)
  11. volmaniac

    Need a door clip part number

    Can anyone tell me the part number for this little clip that holds the door panel to the door? There are about 6 of them in each front door. TIA. edit found the number 3B0-868-243
  12. volmaniac

    Readiness codes in VCDS Measuring Block Group 17

    We have ODB-II emissions check and I am trying to make sure all my readiness codes are good before I take it to the emissions facility. MOGolf reported that VCDS can check the readiness codes using Group 17 in the Measuring Blocks. Can someone help interpret these results: the bin bits and...
  13. volmaniac

    VW prepares to take over Porsche

    from BBC Business News
  14. volmaniac

    WTB steering wheel/airbag/horn wires

    looking for this, I tooef'd mine doing a swap: thanks.
  15. volmaniac

    Timing Graphs - ECT not warm enough!

    I checked my timing after a 35 mile drive home yesterday, the VCDS indicated that my ECT was not warm enough...... I replaced the coolant temperature sensor back in November when it triggered a CEL. This is one before I replaced the sensor: Temperatures were mid 50's yesterday when I got...
  16. volmaniac

    Mobil1 5w40 marked down at walmart $21/gal

    I was in there today and they looked like they were closing it out. Was $26. API CI+.
  17. volmaniac

    WTB Steering Wheel Air Bag electical harness

    I managed to mangle mine during my 3 spoke steering wheel swap, for Mk4 golf/jetta.
  18. volmaniac

    Monster Mat Life?

    Wondering how long these last for others. I had to replace my drivers side this week, 5 years, 145,000 miles. The passenger and rear mats were fine, I got a set of mats for an R32 and just replaced the front ones.
  19. volmaniac

    Nashville is officially out of gas!

    But some of the leaders are working on it....