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  1. jollyGreenGiant

    FS Brand New in boxes R32 Winter OZ Aristos - 17x5.5 ET36

    Rare, rare, rare. I can get some official pictures but Google them, these are brand new in the box, never mounted or anything, some of them haven't even been looked at yet. The picture here is of this style wheel for your visual pleasure but not the actual ones, no tires ever mounted and tires...
  2. jollyGreenGiant

    Home power plants project unveiled in Germany
  3. jollyGreenGiant

    02J Final Drive Shimming?

    A long time ago I used to rebuild these but that was when I had all the necessary tools at my disposal and parts were free ( remember the 100K VW powertrain warranty? mostly 020's but many 02A's too ). Well, this isn't something I do as work anymore and I have a customer who's output flange on...
  4. jollyGreenGiant

    $4K - 2003 VW Golf GL ( 2.0 Gas ) 2DR 5 SPD 131K - MA

    I know, I know, this isn't a TDI... How could this car possibly appeal to this crew? Well, As many of you know I'm a TDI fanatic and this car was my daily and I really need to pay it the respect it deserves, no it's not a TDI but it is great in every way all A4's are and it's less expensive to...
  5. jollyGreenGiant

    .ZIP File / Gallery Upload

    Just lost my host that I was using for hosting several things one of which is the log plotting application that works in tandem with VAG-COM / VCDS. Anywho, it appears that the Gallery allows .zip files but after uploading it and it saying that it was successfully uploaded, it doesn't appear in...
  6. jollyGreenGiant

    VAG-COM Plotting Software

    The Windows-based log plotting application you've all been using for a while... No changes, moved host. Dropbox link - A few caveats: Obviously you need to know how to use VCDS and log data to file before using this application, this is simply a log viewer if you...
  7. jollyGreenGiant

    Hilarious 70's Commentary...

    OK, so this has no context within the automotive context under this forum heading but in lieu of a "hilarious 1970's based commentary section" I thought this was as good a place as any to drop this little tidbit of humor... check it out. This one brang ROTFLMAO to a whole new level for me the...
  8. jollyGreenGiant

    T-Red B4V on ebay...

    Not mine, looks decent.
  9. jollyGreenGiant

    Golf Auditions / Swedish VW Microsite

    Found on German Car Blog... Direct Link:
  10. jollyGreenGiant

    Anyone replaced inserts in Bosch Icons?

    Anyone replace inserts in Bosch Icons? Just curious, I have a set that's getting old and obviously want to just replace the inserts because anything else would be costly and wasteful. I haven't even bothered to take them off and check but are they easily dissasembled and compatible with Bosch...
  11. jollyGreenGiant

    Manual Transmissions Unsafe in the USA?

    Having been rear ended three times ( two TDI's totaled ) in the last couple years I've put a lot of thought into the following theory... Everyone around me drives an automatic and is thus dumb ( not the TDI automatic drivers of course ;) ). Due to this overwhelming fleet of slushboxes; brake...
  12. jollyGreenGiant

    96 B4V ( Passat Wagon ) Parts ( no TDI drivetrain stuff at all )

    The entire drivetrain has already been swapped into a GLX but the front fenders, hood, grille, bumper cover are all fine. Lot's of body parts available. Those Koenig Reign wheels are available too. Two tires are damaged from accident, other two are just OK. Please PM or post with any specific...
  13. jollyGreenGiant

    Webasto B4 Installation Part I

    Though I would post up a little information that I was not ever able to determine prior to embarking on the project... In the last week I swapped a TDI drivetrain into a 96 GLX wagon. While doing so I wanted to install a Webasto heating unit. It turns out with a little fabrication work, the B4...
  14. jollyGreenGiant

    LEGO Content

    OK, after playing LEGO's with the kids this weekend, I thought I would run a couple Google searches on the subject while my PC was busy running some lengthy processes this AM... Check out the results: Yes, I grew up with a LEGO problem and I'm afraid I'm heading into a relapse... I've already...
  15. jollyGreenGiant

    FS: 2006 Golf TDI in Andover MA ( Not Mine ) ~$24K

    Hey, I came across a really special 2006 Golf TDI for sale locally to me. It's a little too nice for me and I need something a little bigger to replace my recently departed B4V but I'm sure someone here will find this the right car for them. I stopped and talked to this gentleman last...
  16. jollyGreenGiant

    The End of The Road For a Special B4V

    All, Well, this AM on my commute some clueless driver rear ended at high spped my mint B4V while I was stopped spinning me into the weeds and taking the car's life in the process. The drivetrain is fine and that'll live on I'm sure but the shell is done. It had a good life, dieseldorf...
  17. jollyGreenGiant

    Mercedes Benz G320 CDI

    I saw one this AM on the morning commute. Are these available to the public or what, just regular CT plates on it, I'm not in the know with Mercedes Benz information that well. Really nice looking SUV, is it 7 passenger?
  18. jollyGreenGiant

    Why are all the posts in here moved or closed?

    Why are all the posts in here closed?
  19. jollyGreenGiant

    Move to Wisconsin ?

    All, Wondering if anyone might help shed some light on a job/moving decision I'm trying to make. First of all I grew up and have lived all my life in Massachusetts, I've got a young family ( 1 and 3 year olds ) and have been invited to a pretty good job opportunity working in Wisconsin (...
  20. jollyGreenGiant

    Audi US Diesel Minisite

    It looks like Audi has posted a US diesel website, thanks to for this. Curious to see how often Audi makes any updates to this site. Where's VW's diesel site?