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  1. Abacus

    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    We moved to Prescott Arizona area last march and I finally went to the local U-Pick It a month ago. There was only one white '96 B4 GLX and it was pretty much stripped, but I did manage to get a few pieces off it like the rear ABS sensors and shield mounts. Yesterday there was a red '96 B4 TDI...
  2. Abacus

    SOLD! Three 02A transmission 5th gear sets for sale.

    These are all sold now, thank you! I have three CTN 02A (AHU/1Z) transmission 5th gear sets I pulled from wrecked transmissions. Two were due to broken cases and one transmission grenaded when the cross shaft came out, but 5th gear was unaffected. All three are in good shape but one has a tiny...
  3. Abacus

    Anyone here live in Arizona?

    It looks like we’re moving out in March of 2021 to the Prescott area. Anyone on this site live out there?
  4. Abacus

    Updated! TONS of people looking for B4 parts, Revkev is parting one out!

    I went over to see revkev last night to drop off a cluster so he could diagnose a flashing coolant light on the B4 he is keeping. The other one, his 1996 daily driver for many years, has too many issues and is leaving next weekend to the crusher. I only just learned about it last night. The...
  5. Abacus

    1997 B4 Sedan for sale, lots of upgrades

    Yes, I am selling my B4 Sedan. It's a 1997 with 453,704 miles on it. Now before you say that's high miles, this has been very well taken care of, with regular proper oil changes using the correct oil and larger filter. All the fluids are correct and all parts replaced were done so with good...
  6. Abacus

    B4 suddenly running rough, weird injector balance

    So W386 borrowed by B4 and drove 3 hours to pick something up for me, then drove home. He never shut the car off. It's now very lumpy and runs rough. It starts mostly ok when I started it yo grab this screenshot. It ran the same when warm with the same group 13. The IQ was lower (it's cold in...
  7. Abacus

    06 BRM help needed: no power, rough running, engine sounds.

    I was asked by a friend to look at a 2006 BRM Jetta TDI. I am very familiar with the 1Z/AHU platform but not with this one so I am here asking for some help. The car has 239K on it and has a standard transmission. It is in nice shape with no rust on it. The previous history is unknown and...
  8. Abacus

    On vacation in Asheville May 24 -June 3

    On vacation in Asheville, NC May 24 -June 3 Anyone around? We left the TDI at home this trip but I'm always up for meeting and conversing with some of the locals. We did bring the road and mountain bikes though. :D
  9. Abacus

    Thoughts making a TDI Travel Emergency Contact List?

    I have toyed with this idea for awhile and am going to get the ball rolling on it. The resurgence is due to helping someone out last night on a Facebook group who was traveling home to New York and broke down in North Carolina. I was able to help him out some but without a Vag-Com locally it...
  10. Abacus

    Urgent help needed in Charlotte, NC...traveling and no throttle response

    It is not me, I am just putting out the request. There is someone on Facebook I've been conversing with to try and get him up and going. He is off a rest area on I-77 around Charlotte and he lost the throttle response on his '97 B4. I've been on the phone with him for the last hour but he...
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  12. Abacus

    Headed to Baltimore this weekend

    The wife and I are headed to Baltimore this weekend to visit her youngest. We'll be doing the DC sightseeing thing and visiting Annapolis for some reason (home of those nasty's an Army-Navy rivalry thing :p), so we'll be in the area for a few days. Bob S, I'll bring your ashtray...
  13. Abacus

    PEI people: headed your way again, need anything?

    We're making the annual trip to PEI for vacation from July 6-12, anyone need anything brought up from the states? Sorry, but the alcohol quota is always filled by relatives up there. :p Pretty much everything is cheaper in the states, so contact me via PM if you want me to bring anything up...
  14. Abacus

    Yeah, another hybrid turbo question

    So a few years ago I posted about whether to get a stock turbo for the sedan or a K03/04 hybrid. I did yet another search but did not come up with anything definitive that would sway me one way or the other. Here is the background: My sedan has 441,200 miles on the original turbo, which...
  15. Abacus

    OT: Looking to move, maybe to NC. Seeking input.

    So the wife and I are getting out of Maine in a few years and have short-listed our options to either the Florida Keys, North Carolina, or Utah. We just got back from a few weeks in the Keys and while nice, it's different from what I'm accustomed, to the point I think the differences would be...
  16. Abacus

    Taking a trip to Florida, need anything?

    So I thought I'd put this out there to all the B4 folks, which is why I'm posting it to this forum instead of the Road Trips forum. My wife and I are headed to the Florida Keys on March 12 and spending a night in Glen Burnie, MD, then Jacksonville, FL, before ending up in paradise. I have...
  17. Abacus

    Headed to PEI, need anything?

    We're headed back to PEI to visit our relatives there and will be making the trip in early February. Does anyone need anything? I know how prohibitively expensive everything is up there so I put my offer out when we're making the trip. So long as nothing is illegal there or we won't be hit...
  18. Abacus

    Need IP help: won't take fuel by vacuum or pressure!

    I only know a little bit about the B4 cars but today I will admit I'm stumped. The IP I swapped onto my B4 won't accept all. Not by vacuum or pressure. I have never seen this before and don't know what could cause it. I drove my B4 sedan to work today since work has a heated...
  19. Abacus

    Anyone been to a VagFair?

    Apparently the guy who hosts them moved to Maine and 2015's fair will be held locally. Any insight?
  20. Abacus

    Anyone in the Florida Keys?

    Anyone in the Florida Keys? My wife and I are vacationing there in a few months and were wondering if anyone from the club was located there.