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  1. dremd

    Dash light indicates wagon hatch open, but light of irks properly

    My rear hatch has been appearing to require a very solid close for a few months, but now I can manually close the latch and the light goes out, but my cluster insist that the hatch is open but the hatch lights work perfect. Is there 2 separate switches? Do I have a CAN issue? What's the...
  2. dremd

    Who is going to WEC Austin (Lonestar Lemans)? Sept 17 - 19

    I'll be there for sure, we are driving in on Thursday leaving Lafayette, La after work, it's 400 miles to Austin so we will be there late, but hopefully not to late to get some In N Out before bed. I know we are missing a full day, but such is the reality of schedules. Going to be in a pair of...
  3. dremd

    Oil leak near vacuum pump on ALH.

    The leak isn't bad, and started after my December head work/ cam install. Yeah, brand new vac pump + seal, valve cover is pretty darn new (new with motor swap just over 40K ago. Was I supposed to use sealant under the cam cap, or in the corners of the valve cover? As best as I can tell the...
  4. dremd

    Help identify this noise in my wagon.

    To me the noise sounds a lot like a tire with a bad "feathering" but I thought it best to take a video. Noise attributes. No noticeable change with the following Engine on/ off Braking some/ none/ quite a bit Turning left / right In my mind that narrows it to the...
  5. dremd

    Quick help needed Cylinder head to divers side coolant outlet seal needed

    I'm in need of the seal that goes between the cylinder head and the water outlet above the transmission. the coolant glow plugs are in the next part, this is the part directly against the head. Normally I'd find it myself, but I've got about a million things going on right now. THANKS!!!!!
  6. dremd

    Aftermarket stereo VSS wire?

    First off I should say that I'm not yet sure that my pioneer NEX 4000 even supports speed volume, BUT the harness does have a wire labeled vehicle speed sensor. That said, can I just tap something? Can I get some sort of CAN bus decoder module? I'm a pretty big fan of speed sensitive volume...
  7. dremd

    Intermittent extreme rough idle on hot start

    This has only happened 6-8 times total, but I would like to sort it out. OCCASINALLY on hot start up my ALH will fire up as quickly as always BUT it idles at 300-400 RPM and sounds TERRIABLE maybe like running on 1 cylinder. The throttle pedal makes no obvious differance in engine speed/...
  8. dremd

    Noise coming from center of steering rack

    My wagon only has 114,000 miles, but whenever I wiggle the wheel I get a click from someplace that sounds to be the center of steering rack. It is definitely not tie rods either inner, outer, or ball joints, or universal joints at base do steering column . However that's all I know how to check...
  9. dremd

    Power memory mirror drift when set to dip with reverse.

    I know, first world problems. When I set my wagons mirror switch to "dip" while in reverse after 4-6 cycles my mirrors position will be way off. I haven't tried anything to fix it yet, but would like the feature to work properly because I really like it. Any ideas? Mirror motor? Something...
  10. dremd

    WTB: 1 Avus wheel

    Shipped to 70583. I already have 3. Not looking to spend much$, I have long beaches on the car, just want to see what the fuel economy difference is. (I already have a set of 4 new Michelin energy AS tires)
  11. dremd

    A/C troubble shooting issues

    Symptom: A/C compressor cycles at about a 1 second frequency, not much cooling and i'm avoiding running it to not tear up the clutch with all of the cycling. This has been happening for about 4 days, and started mid trip. What I have tried so far: Working from...
  12. dremd

    2" mkiv Jetta wagon receiver.

    There was always a few bits that I considered missing from other threads, I figured I'd add them here. Disclaimer: I am not an engineer, the below is only what I've done and would have done in other situations. You are solely responsible for your actions. I am only liable for the purchase...
  13. dremd

    Any Climatronic experts?

    I had to pull my climatronic headunit this weekend to run my parrot mic wire around my windshield (Vs across it). When I fired it up this morning, I got a flashing display, no illumination, no blower, and no compressor. After a few minutes I got the display, I can control the blower doors, and...
  14. dremd

    A/C performance problem

    History: I bought the car in Iowa, in January, so A/C wasn't really on the mind, we had a cooler than normal spring, and the car was apart for the beginning of summer . What I've done: I had to swap both a/c flexable hoses for the motor swap, so I opened the system, replaced the hoses, and the...
  15. dremd

    WTB: ALH A/C suction line

    I tried a Murray line from Oreilly, it lasted for about 400 miles, I'm going to try a used OEM one this time. Anybody have one for sale?
  16. dremd

    What harness is the front windshield wiper connector in?

    My 1.8t->ALH is almost in daily driver trim, but I'm going to need my wipers DOH. I've got a 4 pin D shaped connector that ended up near the MAF, it does fit the wipers BUT 1) The wipers dont work when connected to it (I could have other issues) and 2) the Bentley says the wires should be...
  17. dremd

    WTB: 03 ECU + Cluster matched

    I'm fighting And am guessing that I may need ECU + cluster out of same car so I can then swap my FIS in. Any leads/ fixes are also HIGHLY appreciated.
  18. dremd

    Clutch pedal install problem.

    I'm trying to install a clutch pedal/ master cylinder from a 2001 5 speed car in to my 03 which had a triptronic, but now has a 6 speed manual. I removed the insulation as per and popped the plastic...
  19. dremd

    WTB: front most exaust bracket/ mount.

    I need the bracket / rubber exaust mounts that bolt to the front subframe. I'd like it quickly if possible. My new chasis didn't come with one (1.8t uses diferant sustem) and my ALH down pipe has provisions for one. Edit; I'm in south Louisiana, 70583 Edit 2 I've got one coming from gorms400.
  20. dremd

    WTB: Fuel tank bits

    Picked up a Diesel Tank for my swap, and I lost the ball and cover for the vent(??). Basically I need what goes inside the red circle drawn on pic below. I'm in a minor rush, so quick would be epic. I'm going top assume that my gasoline tank has a different setup (the majority of the filler...