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  1. dieselt

    Timing belt tensioner auto trans.

    I was about to start a timing belt change on a 2000 NB with automatic transmission. In the procedure the timing belt tensioner is different then the manual transmission equiped vehicles. The kit I have has a tensioner for a manual transmission. I obviously have the wrong tensioner for this...
  2. dieselt

    broken piston rings

    In the process of rebuilding a 360k mi. A3 engine, on piston removal, all 4 top compression piston rings were found broken. Is this common for this engine?
  3. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    Driving the back roads of Maine is a little rough this time of year, with pot holes and frost heaves. Yesterdy I had the left front wheel come off at about 30 mph. Hitting the brakes forced the vehicle hard right. The 4 foot snow bank pushed the car back to the left, and once I got off the...
  4. dieselt

    Wheel came off

    for what ever reason the info posted twice.
  5. dieselt

    Road Dirt Front Wheel Well

    It appears VW has a road dirt collection problem behind front wheel well liners.:confused: 7 years worth of collection...110k miles.
  6. dieselt

    Winter Bumper Blues

    :) Is anyone else having to repair the front bumper cover...mine was attacked from underneath while parked on a pile of snow covering a concrete parking space tire stop. Parts and paint....$500.00 :eek: :eek: with me doing the remove and replace. I've decided to try my plastic repair skills...
  7. dieselt

    ALH CAM shaft

    I'll trade the Cam for a #3 or #4 ALH piston assembly (piston, wrings, wrist pin)
  8. dieselt

    New Engine Tool???

    Can anyone forward a guess as to what this may be used for?:)
  9. dieselt

    ALH Cam Shafts

    I am preparing the complete spare head I have for installation. Cam is out and I noticed there are different numbers on the cam from the spare head then on the original cam (which is still good:) ). The original cam has WTR 7 written on it and the cam from the spare head has WTR 12. Both have...
  10. dieselt

    "Blue" Locktite

    Saw something interesting over the weekend...bolts holding the engine/transaxel mount were locktited into the threaded portion of the transaxle (steel bolt into aluminum casting)...not fun to get out without some judicious applications of heat. If anything a dab of antiseize would have been...
  11. dieselt

    ALH rod bearing tab position

    Bentley's is not clear as to position of rod bearing tabs. :o Prior to removing the #4 rod bearing cap I noticed the number 66 scribed into each cap all orientated with the underline towards the accessary end of the engine. The bearing insert tabs for both the bearing shell halves for the rod...
  12. dieselt

    Fuel Injector Check

    Is there someone who can check spray pattern and injection pressure release on a ALH fuel injector. TIA:confused:
  13. dieselt


    Gettiing ready to start the procedure for removing rod bearing cap. I want to check bearing clearance before I push the damged piston out. Bentley calls for plastigage of .01 to .06 mm range. The wear limit is maximum of .08 mm. I'm using plastigage with a range of .025 to .076 mm. Looks...
  14. dieselt

    ALH Piston assembly

    Any one out there have an idea on the cost for one #4 piston assembly (piston, rings, wrist pin and circlip) and where to get OEM part without having to take a used car loan out?:confused:
  15. dieselt

    Head Gasket Identification

    Are these holes in the head gasket the identification of the gasket thickness?
  16. dieselt

    Dropped Cylinder?

    2000 Jetta TDI, 104,565 mi; at 70 mph had a vibration like right front tire going flat. Was able to pull off interstate with only a mile to get home. Stopped once on secondary road to check tire. Vibration continued with vehicle stopped; obviously not a tire. Popped the hood and engine is acting...
  17. dieselt

    2 cycle oil as fuel additive

    Does low or no ash content 2 cycle oil mixed at a rate of 2 ounces for each 10 gallons of diesel help lubricate pump and injectors?:o
  18. dieselt

    New Talent

    A young gentleman and his father contacted me this week via e-mail to request I read (vag-com) the check engine light on his A3, I spent two hours this morning with that young man, his dad and the A3. We were able to address the CEL, at least reset the CELs and troubleshoot the problems. The...
  19. dieselt

    100k mi tb change

    :) Thanks to Dieselgeek and HermTDI my y2k jetta tdi is good for another 100,000 miles. Herm: Hope my assistance wasn't a bother. Thanks for the experience and breakfast & lunch. Geek: thanks for the parts that made the maintenance action text-book.
  20. dieselt

    The "Idiot" book

    Hello All, A Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday to you. Anyone remember this book? :) Oh for the simplier days.