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  1. d2freeman

    2013 Passat TDI DSG DMF question.

    Just did this a few weeks ago. Got everything from Rockauto and the flywheel fit perfect. Here is the flywheel I used. LUK DMF 126, $327 and included the pilot bushing. Here is the bolts, $8.48...
  2. d2freeman

    2012 passat tdi 02E Dsg removal

    To replace the dual mass flywheel.
  3. d2freeman

    2012 passat tdi 02E Dsg removal

    Yes, I removed the subframe and did it with the car on jacks stands, used the trans jack to lower the subframe to the ground. I had jack stands at all 4 corners so the entire car was off the ground.
  4. d2freeman

    Injector hold-down bolt torque

    Fuel Injector Tensioning Bracket Bolt - 8nm + 180°
  5. d2freeman

    2012 passat tdi 02E Dsg removal

    This is the jack I used. I got it on sale for $135. Worked fine, I also used a ratchet strap to secure the trans to the jack.
  6. d2freeman

    Need help with cables...

    This looks to be the VW part - Ground Cable - Volkswagen (1K0-971-250) but for $60 I think I would try the local auto parts store, it is just a ground cable.
  7. d2freeman

    2012 passat tdi 02E Dsg removal

    Just did this 2 week-ends ago and removing the subframe made the job not bad at all. I do recommend using a transmission jack as the DSG is big and heavy, I also used a ratchet strap to secure the trans to the jack, Also the trans jack makes dropping the subframe a piece of cake.
  8. d2freeman

    2013 oil leak

    Getting ready to do the reseal on the cam cradle and have a couple of questions. Did you have to remove the cams or just remove the cradle and leave them in place? And did you have to remove the vacuum pump? Thanks
  9. d2freeman

    Charge Cooler stuck on. How hard should I pry or pull?

    Did you remove the bolt at top of the cooler, bolt goes in from the side behind the inlet # 3 in picture below.
  10. ChargeAirCooler.JPG


    Charge Air Cooler
  11. d2freeman

    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    Maybe this will help.
  12. d2freeman

    DMF Failure? How long can I go?

    Did my DMF yesterday, car has 350k miles and the last several weeks I have been hearing a clicking noise when in park, put in drive or reverse and the noise went away. So I got everything ordered and waited for a long week-end. Got the DMF from Rockauto for $334 (LUK part DMF-126), and came with...
  13. d2freeman

    2013 passat tdi oil filter housing

    Might need to check, my ebay housing did not have a filter, the oem one did.
  14. d2freeman

    2013 passat tdi oil filter housing

    The fans have 1 large connector at the bottom of the fan shroud, just pull back the red tab and press down and it will come apart.
  15. d2freeman

    2012 Passat Camshaft and Fuel Pump Torque Question

    Component Tightening Specifications Tensioning Roller Nut 20 Nm + an additional 45° (1/8) turn Camshaft Sprocket Bolt 20 Nm + an additional 45° (1/8) turn High-Pressure Pump Toothed Belt Gear Bolt 20 Nm Vibration Damper Bolt 10 Nm + an additional 90° (1/4) turn
  16. d2freeman

    Kid put B20 in 2015 TDI

    Pretty sure in Illinois, B20 is the only option, so probably nothing to worry about.
  17. d2freeman

    Passenger Mirror shake

    just a little contact cement and 5 min, good as new.
  18. d2freeman

    Passenger Mirror shake

    Yep, check the glass, mine did the same thing last month, Glass was only held at the very top. Popped it out and re-glued, good as new.
  19. d2freeman

    Special 507 oil for the DPF

    This is the oil I have used since my car was new, no issues what so ever with the DPF and my car now has 336k miles and still going. No it does not carry the VW spec but it does for BMW and MB vehicles with a DPF...
  20. d2freeman

    Valeo Alternator vs a Bosch Alternator? 2015 TDI Passat

    Rock Auto shows the same alternator for the 15 as I bought for my 13 tdi. BOSCH AL0892N -$277