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  1. UhOh

    A New ALH valve cover GASKET ONLY>?

    Slightly related question... When installing a NEW valve cover does it get installed dry or does the seal need to be lubed? I've reinstalled them and even installed new ones but this question popped into my head (cause I'm going to be replacing one) and I can't seem to pull out an answer (from...
  2. UhOh

    02J shift tower bushing replacement.

    Not going to look back on this job! What a PITA. I used a Dremel sanding drum (small), three of them, to cut away enough material that I could bend and snap off some of the shell metal: this is from the bottom edge. I used a chisel from the top to catch the slight lip (lip on either end to...
  3. UhOh

    02J shift tower bushing replacement.

    Can someone state the actual means for removing the bearing? Tower I have isn't rusted (it's pretty clean). Does the seal install from the top of the **** tower? Order of pieces, top down: Seal, rubber washer then the bearing?
  4. UhOh

    How to replace selector shaft bearing/sleeve?

    Regarding the locking pin, it does lock on to the shaft, but it wasn't that which was hanging things up for me, it was that the tower was stuck in the case. I DID manage to get the tower out (with the shaft) I threw some quick heat at it (with plastic bits it's a bit tricky and you can't hold...
  5. UhOh

    How to replace selector shaft bearing/sleeve?

    The locking pin doesn't do anything. Could this be sticking due to sealer? I removed the two 13mm bolts. Smacking the tower so far hasn't budged it. I'm hesitant to really whack it hard.
  6. UhOh

    How to replace selector shaft bearing/sleeve?

    I'm stuck on the starting line. Looking to pop out the shift tower but it's not budging (after removing the two bolts). I tapped around on the tower housing with a small brass hammer but that didn't phase it.
  7. UhOh

    How much axle grease?

    OK, Thanks for the replies! I'll just fetch whatever I can find at the local auto store and look to pack the joints and bolt it all back up!
  8. UhOh

    How much axle grease?

    How much grease should I look to pack into clean transmission flanges? Or, is this just a matter of packing additional grease into the joint itself? I'm swapping out a transmission and the replacement (fresh rebuild) has no residual grease in the flanges. I've never messed with CV joints...
  9. UhOh

    Shaking/vibration at highway speeds. 2002 jetta. What all should I be checking/replacing?

    Yeah, OK. The hub needs to be clean. And check that there's no odd surface on the inside of the brake rotor. The front brakes would tend to be a bit wonky if there's an issue here; but, with lots of shaking going on it's going to be hard to tell what the brakes are really doing. How recently...
  10. UhOh

    Intermittent stalling

    That code-read isn't of any value. That's a generic code (not a VW one, NOT for a TDI for sure). What's the behavior now (you mentioned no more shutting off- the crank position sensor resolved that)? I've cleaned three intakes plus cleaned ports in two heads. If there's anyone who should jump...
  11. UhOh

    Shaking/vibration at highway speeds. 2002 jetta. What all should I be checking/replacing?

    It almost sounds like one of your brake rotors might not be seated flat against the hub. This would cause a wheel to be out of alignment. Sticking brakes mean something is problematic. Don't take this lightly. A panic stop will result in panic when you discover that your brakes are crap.
  12. UhOh

    Broke down in Chicago, no start. Glow plug light flashing, coolant level looks really high.

    Coolant migration issue? Rare, I think. OP - Do you know whether your fans are coming on? Were you in stop and go traffic? Generally driving along is sufficient to cool down without fans. However, if you're running AC I believe that the fans run by default. Whatever you do don't look to...
  13. UhOh

    Broke down in Chicago, no start. Glow plug light flashing, coolant level looks really high.

    Overheat wouldn't keep your car from starting/running. UNLESS... unless you've cooked it. Does the engine turn over? Any previous signs of trouble? Generally these engines just don't NOT run out of the blue. High coolant level "might" be a blown head gasket.
  14. UhOh

    //// Best RPM to drive at for MPG for ALH /////

    Averaging 51.2 mpg over 87k miles. I use full travel on the GO pedal! If I'm trying to clean up my average I go by my ScanGauge. I'll do various FE things if time and conditions permit (not in any hurry). But, again, I don't hesitate to nail it. I could probably get 53mpg (over the...
  15. UhOh

    WTB: Jack for MIKV [Golf] - North Seattle area

    In need of a jack. You'd think that with all the cars that have come and gone you couldn't walk without tripping on one of these things, yet they seem hard to find. I thought that there would be tons at the wreckers but apparently they get rid of them so folks don't try and use them in the...
  16. UhOh

    FS: 2000 TDI Golf $1800

    Might want to tell others where you are located.
  17. UhOh

    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Emissions are a real thing. It takes time for bio-accumulation. That said, I wonder what the NET pollution is from all the energy that went into the engineering and manufacturing of emission equipment. Those engaged in all this extra activity consumed energy, emitted pollution, in the...
  18. UhOh

    02J leaking between cases

    I'd thought that I'd posted something about this some time back but am not finding it. Planning on doing a clutch change on the wife's car: 2003 Golf. When we'd gotten it from her son (we'd bought it for him and then we got it back) I'd noticed a leak from the transmission. It's not a bad...
  19. UhOh

    Starter solenoid or...

    No click from starter solenoid. If battery and all wiring is good would this be a failed solenoid? Some time back I replaced the starter with one that I rebuilt (new brushes and solenoid): I"d recently pulled it from the wife's car- it was in need of a refresh. It would spin the engine...
  20. UhOh

    5spd manual shift problems when sitting still

    Always thought that I could figure these things out, but for some reason my brain is struggling with this one... Recently my car, 2000 ALH w/5spd manual, became almost impossible to shift into gear when sitting still. First discovery was just after starting up and backing out of my garage...