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  1. Seatman

    Steering wheel refurb?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any success reviving one of these vinyl/foam/rubber sort of steering wheels? I've seen a lot of kits for leather and others claim to be amazing but I'd rather hear about real world experience. Cheers
  2. Seatman

    Alhambra 2L tdi

    Got myself a new tdi, Seat Alhambra (VW Sharan made in spain) 2L tdi. Had the mk4 golf wagon long enough, figured this is the next logical step in wagon life lol Anyway just got to replace a balance shaft and I'll be up and running, got the usual worn key way thing. Should have it upand...
  3. Seatman

    Mk4 based head gasket issues

    A friend has the skoda octavia with the ASV lump, 110bhp version of the ALH. The gasket started to leak into the water jacket causing excess pressure so a friend replaced the gasket. New gasket, new bolts all torqued correctly and surfaces clean from what I understand. Anyway a few weeks later...
  4. Seatman

    Rear right arch knock/rattle

    Got a light knocking rattle sound from the rear right arch area, not the strut mounting. This is my 3rd mk4 to have this noise and I figured this time I'm going to get to the bottom of it lol Anyway Google just brings up the usual shock mount or axle bushes so not really helping. I'm wondering...
  5. Seatman

    ASV issues

    My asv has started flicking open and shut while the engine is running, had to disconnect the vac pipe so I can drive it. Also noticed it's doing nothing when I shut the engine off lol Am I right in thinking it's probably a dodgy solenoid valve? Or is there something else I should look at? Cheers
  6. Seatman

    Mk4 PD tdi sachs silent smf

    Looking for feedback from people who have fitted the sachs silent smf tdi clutch kit to the PD engined mk4 with 5 spd box. Needing to replace mine soon so any info would be great, cheers
  7. Seatman

    Random 01335 code

    I've got this random code coming up out of the blue, 01335 Drivers Seat/Mirror position control module Can't find out much about it at all. I also have intermittent issues with the drivers door light not working and my indicators don't flash when I lock the car. The lock isn't very old...
  8. Seatman

    Rear febi shock mount problems

    I replaced the rear shocks and mounts in my latest mk4 with B4's and febi mounts but the mounts rattle/knock even on flat ground! Sounds just like worn ones. I remember having the same issue in my last mk4 with the same mounts, didn't think to check them as they were new but this time I did...
  9. Seatman

    Well that explains may weird camber issue!

    I hit a concrete block at the side of the road last year in my previous mk4 tdi, knew I'd bent something. Swapped out the hub, checked the tie bar etc, it still looked of to me but just got on with things. Anyway picked up another mk4 tdi and transferred parts over, shocks, full fis sports...
  10. Seatman

    Mk4 euro tail lights

    Selling my euro lights as I now drive a hatchback Mk4, asking £40 UK ($51 approx) plus postage. Can send the bulb holders plus 6 inches of wire or so if needed. Ship to wherever Cheers
  11. Seatman

    Crusie control no worky

    My cruise has recently died out of the blue, I'm getting no light on the dash which seems to mean there's no power. From what I can find through searching it seems I may need a new stalk? I tried popping the switch top part off and spraying contact cleaner in but that made no odds. Power is...
  12. Seatman

    Squeaky steering column?

    Lol any one else have that? It's a new one on me and I've yet to investigate. Just picked up another Mk4 recently, been working through things, swapping out shocks, suspension bushes, door lock module as well as some interior rattles but now it's all quiet the squeaky steering column sounds...
  13. Seatman

    Can't connect to full fis sport clusters?

    For some reason I can't connect to a full fis sports cluster in my mk4, I can connect to loads of others fine and I can connect to the sport cluster in a friends car but not mine. Can anyone think why that is? I've tried vagcom, vag tacho, vag commander and a proper vw scan tool. Obviously...
  14. Seatman

    Plastic cable ties don't work well on plastic boots

    I found that one out, replaced both tie rods last year at some point and at that time the rack was in good condition. Lately developed a little mystery leak that turned into a bigger leak. Both boots at both ends were full of psf and the rack was rusty too which leads me to believe water got in...
  15. Seatman

    A bit of oil in petrol/gas to make a diesel type fuel?

    Just a curious question really. Had to go rescue a V6 tdi today and suck all the fuel out, the guy had put petrol in then added diesel once he realised his mistake. Full tank of useless fuel. Just wondered if something like oil could be added to make it work in an older VE engine?
  16. Seatman

    Random clutch slip, masrter or slave maybe?

    I have the sachs VR6 kit in my car, mk4 tdi with the ALH. I get a random bit of clutch slip now and then and it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold or going up hill or on the flat and can slip with very little throttle. I recently had the engine and box out as I was changing the engine anyway...
  17. Seatman

    Head gasket help

    Just looking for opinions on my head gasket, see if anyone can spot obvious flaws that might explain my excessive pressure in the cooling system. Story is I went out one morning and the tank was fairly empty so topped up and presumed I probably have a small leak somewhere that I'd find later...
  18. Seatman

    ALH, how much boost on stock head bolts?

    Head gasket has started to seep a bit of pressure into the cooling system so I'm going to change it, currently at about 21.5psi max boost but will maybe be going to about 24-25psi max. Just wondering if I'll need different head bolts or not. Cheers
  19. Seatman

    Mk4 alternator wiring querie

    I was at the car earlier messing about with the starter motor and found a broken wire. It's one of the small ones from the alternator. There's the big main power one then two smaller ones, a blue and a brown, the brown one was broken. My question is what's it for? I haven't noticed any...
  20. Seatman

    Do you get a knock deep in the middle of your dash?

    Well I think it's something to do with the heater box, mine does it too and I've discovered if I put a hand on top of the dash near the windscreen vent and push down fairly hard the noise goes away. Thought I'd share that as I do remember other people posting with the same issue. Anyway I...