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  1. bhutchins

    Darkside Developments CR140 GTB2260 turbo kit

    Getting started / baseline: I recieved the kit next day by DHL! I volunteered to fit the kit to my US CR140, I guess the US had the CR cars before the UK. A lot of work has been done by Storx too here Here's Ryan's early mock up: Note: the...
  2. bhutchins

    Analog clock

    installing an accessory, and blew the fuse to the analog clock. 1. how do you set the analog clock 2. which fuse powers the analog clock
  3. bhutchins

    Volkswagen Passat TDI covers 1,626 miles on a single tank of fuel

    this is literally unbelievable... 84.1 mpg?
  4. bhutchins

    CR Injectors

    remove the fuel lines and label, put into zip-lok bag to keep clean. they use a 17mm wrench. 17mm offset tubing wrench is best. Socket T40055 can also be helpful, and you will need it to re-torque the injector lines. Pull up the center (circular part) of the return line to release, the ears...
  5. bhutchins

    Factory ECU update

    I heard the factory has an ECU update for my 2010 TDiCup. Any one have the inside on what it covers?
  6. bhutchins

    Wrong front end?

    I just picked up a new 09.2010 TDi Cup, but it has a standard front end. Has it been lifted (Stolen), wrecked, or was this the end of the production run and they ran out of parts?