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    I'll be bringing my bike with me and plan on doing some cycling around Ypsi. Looks like there's a brewery about 3 miles away from the hotel. Also, there's some interesting looking rides on that I might do. specifically the taco tour has my interest. :) If anyone feels like...
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    Cleveland Area GTG -- September 22nd

    I'm thinking of having an informal gathering at my house on September 22nd. 37000 Eagle Rd. Willoughby Hills, OH 44094 Time would be 9am until the neighbors call the cops. :) I have enough property to park quite a few cars (hopefully the ground isn't wet) and a garage in case anyone wants...
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    3D Printed Cell Phone Mount

    So this upgrade isn’t quite as extreme as some of the other stuff I’ve read about here, but it solved what was a bit of a problem for me and I’m quite pleased with the end result. Thought others might be interested in it. Just picked up my 2012 Jetta TDI and I love it. This is the first car...