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  1. Mozambiquer

    Bosch alternator rebuilding how-to

    I did a thread like this for Valeo alternators and Bosch starters. I just finished rebuilding a Bosch alternator, and took a lot of photos. If you have a Valeo, it's a little different. You can find that thread HERE Here it goes! Start with the before photos. This one was a previous...
  2. Mozambiquer

    Looking for injection pump shim FOUND

    I was replacing the seals on my 11mm pump and thought I had the shim in correctly, but it wasn't, and long story short, ended up damaging the shim. I had a spare pump, and pulled the one from it, but will need to get a new shim for that pump. Anybody know the part number, or have any of them...
  3. Mozambiquer

    FS ALH stock rods SOLD

    I've got a set of stock rods from a running driving ALH. None appear damaged in any way, though I did not put them in a rod machine to verify everything. It's a complete set. SOLD
  4. Mozambiquer

    Wtb b5.5 auto raxles

    Hey, just checking here to see if anybody has a set of raxles for a b5.5 Passat TDI with the auto transmission. I find myself in need of a set, and decided to check here and see if someone has a set laying around. New or good used.
  5. Mozambiquer

    B5.5 Passat wagon pulsating vibrations on acceleration

    I have an 05 Passat wagon with the gmr automatic transmission. It has an Eriksson torque converter and recently it's been having a pulsating vibration on acceleration. To me, it felt like an issue in the transmission, so o checked the fluid level, and then did a transmission flush. The fluid was...
  6. Mozambiquer

    Gt2256kv Mercedes sprinter turbo for TDI?

    I've got an opportunity for a gt2256kv turbo from a sprinter. This is the vacuum actuated turbo I thought I heard somewhere that it will bolt up to a BHW manifold? Is that correct? Has anybody else run one of these turbos?
  7. Mozambiquer

    How can I tell if it's a vnt17 or vnt15?

    I've got an engine with an aftermarket turbo, and I'm trying to figure out which equivalent it is. I've searched all around, but cannot find the specs I need. How can I tell by measurements? I know that it's not a genuine one.
  8. Mozambiquer

    Multifunction steering wheel and fold flat vent retrofit?

    My 01 golf has a regular four spoke steering wheel, but my parts car had a nice multi function steering wheel that I nabbed, along with the clockspring. What else will I need to retrofit the wheel to be able to work on my car? I searched and saw that people have done it, but didn't find a good...
  9. Mozambiquer

    Misc ALH and Mk4 parts

    2003 ALH part out. All parts pickup, in Versailles Missouri or you pay for shipping Jetta sedan CCM sold OEM turbo inlet pipe $32 OEM cold air intake air box $35 Jetta cluster immo3 $20 Stock crankshaft $50 Valve cover OEM $20 Accessory bracket $20 Oil filter housing with oil cooler...
  10. Mozambiquer

    FS 2003 Jetta TDI Versailles Missouri GONE

    Selling this as a parts car. No title, automatic, runs with an immobilizer deleted ECM. Message me and I can get you some videos of it running and the oil pressure. Car is gone, parts are still here. Contact me for parts!
  11. Mozambiquer

    Mitsubishi Delica space gear Spotted near Versailles Missouri

    I was at a swap meet and on my way out I saw this Delica. First one I've seen in my area! A buddy of mine had an almost identical one I used to work on over in Mozambique where I used to live, though his was the long wheel base version. Its got a 2.8 liter 4 cylinder turbo diesel, and this one...
  12. Mozambiquer

    2003 Jetta cannot connect to ECM

    I picked up a gutted 2003 Jetta TDI with an autotragic, the interior is gone, but it's got the ALH, so it's at least got that. I'm not planning to fix it up, but I want to get it running. Here's what I got, I hook up the battery and it'll crank and actually fire up for a few seconds and die...
  13. Mozambiquer

    FS: Ross-tech vcds unlimited vin SOLD

    I've got a genuine Ross-tech dongle I'd like to offer up for sale. It's the kii-usb intelligent dual-k interface which works for all of the pre CAN obd2 cars, which includes 1996-2005 jetta/golf/passat 1998-2011 vw beetle 2003-2007 vw touareg, 2000-2005 audi a4,a4,Allroad, 2003-2010 Audi a8...
  14. Mozambiquer

    Road trip, Missouri to upstate New York and back.

    The shop foreman at work is getting married this weekend, and we'll be traveling up. Leaving and going to stop in Buffalo to see niagara falls, then to the finger lakes area for the wedding. After that we'll head to Maryland to visit friends, and then on the way back, I want to hit the tail of...
  15. Mozambiquer

    WTB mk4 golf e-codes

    Hey, I'm looking for a set of golf e-code headlights (glass face) for my 01 golf. Let me know what you got and how much shipped to 65084 Thanks!
  16. Mozambiquer

    Anchor Motorworks starter and alternator parts

    I have a small business in central Missouri rebuilding starters, alternators and electrical components. I also wholesale parts and accessories. Here are some basic prices for some Volkswagen specific parts: Alternator parts: Clutch pulleys B5 passat-- $37.65 Mk3-mk7 golf, jetta, beetle--...
  17. Mozambiquer

    B5.5 transmission flush: dump and fill or machine flush

    I'm nearing my 240k mile service, which will be timing belt, transmission service, etc. I have access to a BG transmission flushing machine, but I wanted to know from people who have done more on these cars, whether it would be better to do the BG flush with BG chemicals, or should I use some...
  18. Mozambiquer

    Wtb westphalia swan neck for b5.5

    I have a westphalia bolt on hitch on my b5.5 wagon, but it's missing the swan neck part. I thought I'd ask on here before checking with franz.
  19. Mozambiquer

    FS: Mk4 shocks, struts and springs

    I just upgraded my suspension with the vr6 springs and new shocks/struts. The struts I removed are Monroe quick struts and had only 20-40k miles on them (my brother installed them, but couldn't remember exactly when) the rear shocks are bilsteins I put on. They're actually originally from a...
  20. Mozambiquer

    Wtb alh injection pump socket (FOUND)

    Hey, just checking here first to see if anybody has one of the metal nerd 3 point sockets for the injection pump screws. My pump top decided to leak and so I'll need to reseal it and will need that socket. Bonus if you have a seal kit as well.