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    Where to purchase radio bolt mounting clips/threaded holes?

    Sounds like you're talking about "speed nuts". I can think of two ideas to get replacements: 1. Your local NAPA should have a whole assortment of these and may be able to match it if you have one of the stripped ones handy to show them. I'd also have one of the bolts with you as well, so you...
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    Where is the best place to go for paint?

    Auto body supply shops also do paint mixing, see if there's one in your local area.
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    Diesel Generator for the end of the world

    While I can't honestly disagree with this (as my father used to say, "over 50% of the people in the world are below average"), I will say I do use the GPS in my phone every morning on the commute. Not because I don't know how to get there, but because (being it's Google Maps) it gives me some...
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    BEW sat in driveway for months, now is extremely slow turning over.

    The accord may or may not have an interference engine design (if it's not, then a broken timing belt poses no risk to the head/valves/pistons/etc.). With the VW, most folks consider a TDI timing belt more than 5 years old as a must-change item, regardless of mileage.
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    2001 beetle ALH into 2003 Jetta wagon help

    I'm with OilHammer on this - if the Jetta is running fine as it sits now, stash the motor/trans from the bug "for a rainy day" and just keep driving the 2003. So long as the 03 hasn't spit a timing belt (or something similarly catastrophic like losing a turbo seal), it's likely got far more...
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    Samurai AHU Swap = Complete

    Hopefully you got it turned off in time - good luck with the investigation.
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    What's the best way to get aux in?

    I've got an older FM transmitter that I used to use with an old iPod in my Jeep. Only complaint I had was that I had to keep changing to different frequencies or a strong station would block the iPod...
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    Engine Rocking back and forth with ease

    Give all the dogbone's mounting holes on the engine/chassis a good going over too - if there's a chance the engine was rocking much before the dogbone let go, it could have egged out the holes the mount bolts too (had that happen to me a year or two back due to a broken exhaust flex joint)
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    ///// tracked down oil leak ... looks like vac pump /////

    More o-rings than seals, really, but there are two - one between the two halves of the pump, and one between pump and head. If you're gonna replace one, do them both and be done with it for a while. RKX Tech has a kit for this...
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    1981 VW caddy alh swap

    Welcome aboard, sounds like a fun project. You're probably going want to nose around in the "TDI Power Enhancements" and "TDI Conversions" sections a bit - lots to read there on both topics.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Had to install a new OEM front license plate bracket over the weekend - lost the one I had some time during my long run home from work through the remnants of Ida. Had to be then - had it come off under normal driving speeds, I'd have heard it clattering through under the car. That night was...
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    Samurai AHU Swap = Complete

    Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.
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    Blew out dipstick

    Maybe, but I've run without an engine cover for over 10 years, and I'm still on my original dipstick tube. That said, a new tube is cheap.
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    It's not something I have, it's just an idea I had while reading your post. The automatic climate systems on higher-end cars must have something along these lines, as they tend to have a lot more fan speeds than our simple 4, though I will concede the resistor pack is far cheaper/simpler/more...
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    If you're looking ways to "improve" the AC, what about a PWM circuit and variable potentiometer to replace the fan resistor pack and discrete speed switch? Then you'd get finer control over your blower to play with...
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    The MKIV cars have a little button in the top of the filler neck (about the 9 o'clock position if you're looking into the thing) that actuates a vent to let air into/out of the tank. This is normally depressed (vent open) when the cap is on so the engine doesn't pull a vacuum on it while...
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    NMS Passat HVAC blower fan recommendation?

    I'm pretty sure will have a fan, their site asks for year/make/model so that should get you to the right part. If resistor is relatively inexpensive (idparts should have that too), might be worth just replacing that too.
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    That's why I suggested he contact Evolution to see about maybe just buying a full "installation brackets and hardware" set if cutting it free doesn't work out (I too was unsure of the access he would have to it), especially since the mounts are a bit different now for the Atlas plate...
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    Andy, I think you're misunderstanding what he's dealing with: This is an old Evolution design (my Atlas plate is vintage 2006, and has the same mounts). The tube has a threaded stud at one end, and a threaded insert at the other. You put one nutsert into the frame of the car, and then screw...
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    If you ever manage to get the things, out, make sure you coat the studs with antisieze before putting them into the rivnuts on the "new" car you're transferring the plate into. This may be part of the reason why they went to steel front brackets instead of the aluminum bar with the stud at the...