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    New posts popping up in the FAQ sections?

    Been noticing occasional new posts appearing in the Maintenance subforum under "FAQs" that were locked under the old Forum SW. Still see "somewhat" locked, as when I go in there to look, I see "insufficient privileges to reply here". Some sort of glitch with the config of the new SW?
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    Fram-branded motor oil?

    Stopped by the Advance Auto Parts by work last night for a can of contact cleaner (driver's door latch was acting up again), and when I scanned past the diesel oil rack a new product caught my eye - a 1-gal motor oil jug with the "Fram" label on it, stating it was a full synthetic 5w40 rated...
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    Fuel gauge needle jumped UP while sitting idling??

    Ok, this was a bit weird: Was sitting at a traffic light last night on the way home from work. Car was level front-to-back, but tilted slightly to the right, and I'd been sitting stationary for at least 20 seconds. I happened to be looking down at the cluster, and noticed the fuel gauge...
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    NJ sighting

    Saw a red 4-dr Golf this morning in a Red Robin parking lot off Route 3 in Clifton, NJ on my way to work - had Florida plates and a TDIClub frame on the back. Looked to be at least MKV, maybe MKVI (didn't get that good a look) First time in years I've seen another TDI with that frame, figured...
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    Snowscreen "bypass flap" question

    Among the things I did to the Jetta this weekend included a snowscreen cleaning. (Yes, I still have the snowscreen in place. No, I don't feel a need to remove it.) When I sighted through the lower intake pipe to confirm I'd cleaned it all out fully, I noticed daylight in places it shouldn't...
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    O-ring on power steering cap

    (Note: this is not so much a "problem" thread as a "I discovered something that might be useful info to others" thread) Been monitoring a slight dribble for several days now on the Jetta, turns out it was steering fluid (the only green fluid in the car). Topped up the reservoir (to slightly...
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    Chrome Trunk Tim plate - Jetta Sedan

    After all these years, the chrome part of the trunk trim (has the little flip door that the lid latch passes through when you close the trunk) in my Jetta is pretty bent up and is no longer properly conforming to the black plastic. I've done some hunting online and it appears that you have to...
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    Grille Trim Question

    Hey, I've been running a 2004-style grille on my 2002 Jetta for a while (has the horizontal chrome strips on the "vanes" that site either side of the VW logo). It's still in overall good shape, but the chrome strips on the horizontal bits are looking a bit worn/rough. I'd like to freshen up...
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    Suspicious PM recieved

    Got a PM this morning from a user who appears to have just joined this month and shows a location of "Russia". The message body appears to be an advertisement for some sort of utility that claims to be able to "recognize and bypass over 8400 types of captcha", which in and of itself sounds...
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    ABS Module Coding Question

    Does anyone know why the ABS controller in a 2002 Jetta would have separate coding values for "throttle by wire" and "cable throttle"? I know all the MKIVs had throttle by wire, so maybe some other VW it got used in had the old cable style? I discovered today that the ABS controller in my car...
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    Rear Door Power Window Mechanism Question

    Vehicle: 2002 Jetta Sedan Problem: Over the last couple months, I've noticed an odd behavior with the window in the right rear door. When rolling up, it would get most of the way, then immediately reverse and roll all the way down (like the "pinch protection" was causing a false alert). I'd...
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    Confused about Nozzle Sizes, Take Two

    Previous thread on subject: Recap: 2002 Jetta ALH, automatic. Never tuned, ECU is 100% stock. OEM injectors were found to be in need of refresh. Was persuaded to go with Titan-branded .205s, mileage dropped from 43-44 avg (41, if I really...
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    Confused about nozzle sizes

    Vehicle in question: 2002 Jetta ALH, 01M automatic. Totally stock at 289,986 miles as of today. A couple years ago I found out that my injectors were out of balance (this was about 60K ago), so had them rebuilt and the nozzles swapped out to Titan .205s, under the impression that this would be...
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    Looking for Limp Mode help

    (Please bear with the long narrative, I provide a synopsis at the end for quick reference) 2002 Jetta, ALH engine/01M transmission. 217,000 miles and change as of today. Limp mode started occurring several months ago - randomly when I was pushing it hard to pass or climb a hill, pulling over...
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    Audi A3 TDI wagon on 287N in NJ

    A little before 0800 this morning, found myself cruising near a white, 4-door Audi A3 TDI wagon from about Mt. Airy Road up to Morristown (he exited at exit 37). Saw it around the same time in the same vicinity a few days ago, but that time it caught me by surprise and I didn't get a good look...
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    Navigation ponderings

    Weighing two routes to the Fest, thought I'd try to pull in some local feedback. I can either come straight down I-95, or I can head west into PA on I-78 and then use US-15 to come down (this keeps me well away from Baltimore/DC/Phila urban flybys). Distance and drive time (according to...
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    I'm In

    Just registered and booked a room - would have posted in the "who's registered" thread, but it seems to be locked. See you all on Friday afternoon!
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    Grill-Mount "TDI" emblem?

    Been running with the A3/B4 grill-mount "TDI" logo on my A4 Jetta for a couple of years now, and have really enjoyed the look. Unfortunately, I bumped into it with the snobrum a couple weeks ago while knocking the snow off my hood, and the thing snapped in two. It broke once before and I was...
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    Local Gurus/trusted mechanics in West Central NJ

    Getting to be timing belt time again for my '02, and it looks like I can't put it off to the next oil change interval 3K miles from now (about 2k since the last one) because I seem to have a coolant leak that's puddling near the drain plug on the oil pan. Of course, that may have something to do...
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    Ah, bloody @*&#*!

    Speedometer conked out on the ride to work this morning. Took it straight to the dealer. Just talked to him a little bit ago - coolant migration. He said he was able to clean the connector on the instrument cluster and get the speedo working again. Taking the "easier" fix for now (new...