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    Auto -> 5Sp Swap

    OK, so I took the plunge and did a 5sp swap on my wagon. Installed with the swap was a new Sachs G60/VR6 Clutch and Flywheel kit. Donor parts (tranny/axles/etc) came from my 2000 TDI. Original car (2000 Sedan) did not have ESP. Car that swap was done on (2003 Wagon) does have ESP. Since...
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    01M Surging Problem

    Hello! I am having some issues with my 01M. This is a 2003 TDI/Wagon, with 261,000km (162,000mi~). Purchased the car approx a month ago, problem started less than a week ago. Some slight flaring between upshifts (very intermittent), but fairly steady 'surging' at steady speeds. Seems like...
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    Thanks, everybody!

    First off, I am terrible with names, so if I forget a name, very sorry! Anyways... I'm happy to report that my car made it home, back to Ontario! On that note; many thanks to Chris for trying to help me figure out my failtronic transmission, and also to Jason for using my car during the...
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    I just looked at forecast - now calling for 60% thunderstorms for tomorrow, and 40% thunderstorms for Sunday - is there any type of alternate/indoor plan, pending all day rain? Or should I just bring rain coats haha
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    Sleeping in car?

    My daughter and I have registered to attend. Due to circumstances, we booked pretty much the minimum package, attendance and mt. Washington. This will be our first 'tdi' event. Years ago, we used to travel around to Pt Cruiser events, and we loved the group experience! So... to end...