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    Stage 3 CJAA issues

    Start with a different tune
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    Kerma Stage 1 tune

    sean f Use VCDS to reset the clutches in the DSG, and also change all the adaptation settings in the steering controller, ABS and trans to "direct mode" (several settings) those will help a lot
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    Kerma Stage 1 tune

    For those encountering the (rare) radio issue while flashing.... simply hold in the radio power button until the radio turns off. Might take a minute or so.
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    Noticeable surge at 70 under maintained/minimal acceleration

    It's a tune problem that may or may not manifest in tuned or unturned cars. FWIW Kermatdi tunes have eliminated that problem and many others by design.
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    $500 to get to 150HP from an ALH?

    he just said 1) 150 hp and 2) $500 not "the best way for a daily driver" or "and maintain best fuel economy" or any other conditions like "and not blow up my car" just $500 and 150 hp. Gary Miyakawa did that back in 2002, nearly 20 years ago. Upsolute chip, but same difference, may as well use...
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    $500 to get to 150HP from an ALH?

    1) injectors 2) evry mod 3) nitrous done
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    Malone stage 2 TDI tune with stock exhaust?

    Go talk to anuthee at dieselland in Golden for the best advice.
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    FWIW we have NEVER had any customer report a TD1 flag due to a flash counter not matching what the VW server expects. Not once. Only time we've heard of a customer having a warranty problem, is if they actually tell the service writer "my car had/has a tune on it". So the lesson here being...
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    ECM replacement

    or perhaps a failed CP sensor followed by bad fuel nuking the HPFP (separate failures confounding diagnosis) Smoke and low power fits with failed HPFP Of course anything's possible, but I'm having a hard time accepting the possibility of a single cylinder spontaneously self-destructing in the...
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    Help me fix an Unfixable code (p240f) CJAA

    This can be related to a bad/weak maf or boost leak. Give the guys a call at kermatdi or and theymay be able to offer additional pointers based on other factors
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    ECM replacement

    Edit: I need to pay better attention when reading:sneaky: BTW... IF (edit) the compression test he did was thru VCDS, using OBD (he said he wasn't sure) This OBD compression test uses the signal from the cylinder pressure sensors. One of the ways the pressure sensor signal is used, is to...
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    ECM replacement

    FWIW, the torque difference DTC effectively functions as a "low compression" DTC. The torque difference DTC kicks the sensor offline and substitute values are fed to that cylinder's timing and internal torque settings and diagnostics so the car can continue to run in a reduced capacity ("limp...
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    ECM replacement

    If you want to do a compression check, use a MECHANICAL gage not VCDS. VCDS compression check uses the cylinder pressure sensors 18.4 degrees is the replacement value for a failed pressure sensor. swap around the glow plugs between #3 and one other, see if the 18 degrees reading moves with...
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    ECM replacement

    It's either an injector and or glow plug sensor Do you have VCDS? There are some things you can do to troubleshoot further MVB 140, 143 at load, to identify the offending cylinder Default combustion position (timing, MVB 143) in a failed sensor is -18 (atdc) so this will be a dead giveaway...
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    Where? Transmission Control Module 2011 Jetta

    It is physically located *inside* the actual transmission case
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    Engine shake while in 3rd/4th gear

    tune by kermatdi will fix this light throttle shudder problem. can't speak for other tunes, though.
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    Boost and/or Fueling Issues After 1019 Nozzles and Stage 4

    from the info presented in this thread, this appears to be a classic *boost leak* scenario. massive air flow accompanied by massive smoke, slight underboost WOT and N75 duty cycle pegged high No tune will fix this. Fix the boost leak or your turbo is not long for this world
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    ECU swap question

    Sorry, no Siemens TDI in these parts.
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    ECU swap question

    OMFG lol where do you get your info The HARDWARE of the 2 ecus are identical 100% between 2013-2014 CJAA for CBEA/ CJAA(usa market only) it breaks down like this: 2009 are interchangeable with 2009. (03L906022J hardware) 2010-2011 are not identical but interchangeable between 2010-2011 (022TS...