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    BHW swap into 2003 Explorer Sport Trac

    I just acquired a nice 4x4 4.0 V6 Sport Trac ( 4.10 gears and about 4000 lbs curb weight) and am starting my build thread. I plan to use the TD Adapters adapter/starter to bolt up the BHW to the Ford 5R55W automatic. My primary challenges will be: 1. Controlling the Ford automatic 2. Controlling...
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    Will an airbag sensor fault prevent starting?

    01222 - Crash Sensor Side Airbag; Passenger Side (G180) 37-00 - Faulty Isn't that sensor on the floor near the back of the passenger seat? The Ross-tech forum didn't mention a no-start symptom from it. Probably a moisture issue.
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    why is Basic Settings not available on B5.5 tdi's

    I found an interesting feature on utube for fuel supply pump activation. The example was on a Golf 5 tdi. The author was able to access it through basic settings. I can't seem to get it on any of my B5.5's-says error. I'm running version 21.9.0 VCDS. Why are basic settings not accessible or do I...
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    05 tdi passat engine issue

    I recently purchased an 05 tdi passat cheap and wanted to run the issue by all you trouble shooters. I bought it from a young Lady who doesn't know cars, much less tdi's.Supposedly has a bad engine. I towed it home thinking it was probably a bsm grenade job. The turbo was close to seizing so I...
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    2010 Audi Q7 tdi question

    I found one at a good price with a timing chain issue. Has 200k miles. I assume it would have the same issues and good and bad points as a Touareg V6 tdi and what should I beware of if buying one? Do those high mileage 3.0 TDI's have any quirks I should look for?
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    checking a BHW for issues

    What's the best way to check a BHW for overall condition? We all know the balance shaft issues so I know that should be addressed. How about compression tests? .Any numbers to look for there and should I even go to the trouble ie glow plugs? The engine doesn't have any strange noises and since...
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    6 speed options for B5.5 4motion tdi conversions

    I've seen some B5.5 4motion tdi conversions using Euro tdi 5sp trannys. Would it be possible to start with a B5.5 4motion car and use a C5 quattro 2.7t 6sp tranny in it? Or perhaps a 2.0 B7 quattro 6sp tranny although it's probably geared shorter? There are quiet a few donor quattro cars...
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    WTB B5.5 tdi wagon with bad tranny and/or engine

    East coast preferred.Have dolly will travel. PM me
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    2004 2005 Touareg to BHW potential swap

    Has anyone contemplated doing that or is it not feasible? There are a lot of those Touaregs out there and some are pretty nice and cheap. I bet the tranny would be a problem. The Touaregs are heavy but if you're not racing, wouldn't a nice stage 2 tuned BHW move it arround OK? I have a complete...
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    CR 6MT jetta TDI drivetrain swap into a Tiguan

    Is this doable provided one has all the jetta parts? Possibly 2012-2015 both cars? I know it's been done with the DSG but the 6MT would be sweet. Hopefully ecu, pedals, etc would swap. Both FWD. The tiguan tdi 4 motion was also available in Europe and knowing them a manual gearbox was most...
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    Best option for front struts replacement

    I know there are a myriad of front struts available out there with and without springs. Any suggestions on which route to go on my Variant would be appreciated. definitely not going with cheap chinese ones.
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    Audi B6 compared to B7 BHW swap

    Is the B6 generation 1.8t manual as straightforward as the B7 A4 2.0 TSI manual for the BHW swap? Particularly tranny mating and gear ratios. There are some really nice ones out there with blown engines cheap. There are B7 trannys out there fairly cheap so maybe use one in a B6 swap?
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    recent clutch install now no crank issue

    This seems strange to me. I replaced the clutch in my manual B5.5 tdi passat and now have a no crank issue. I thought the blue switch on the clutch pedal was causing it but it appears to be functioning properly. I even disconnected it and jumpered it but the problem persists. I also replaced the...
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    clutch pedal too tight after clutch replacement

    I replaced the clutch recently on my wagon and am trying to figure out how to get some free pedal in it. I didn't open the hydraulics when I did the job and it was really tight getting the slave back in. Should I just bleed some fluid out of the bleeder on the slave or can I do some adjusting on...
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    A6 TDI conversion

    Would it be a tough conversion to swap a BHW into a 6speed manual early 2000's A6? I would prefer a bit longer Quattro to do my conversion. I have several complete BHW cars for donor parts
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    which axles to use for a 5speed manual swap?

    Does anyone remember which axles to use? I know the oe axles don't work but which ones do? i need an outer cv boot
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    Viable A4 Quattro tdi swap options

    I know several folks on here have done the 06-08 B7 swaps but I wondered if the 09-13 2.0 tsi 6sp Quattros would also work? There are a few of them out there and easier to get a better body in the newer ones. Most of the 06-08 B7's I've found have been romped pretty hard by kids.
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    hints for B5.5 TDI manual 5sp clutch job

    Anything I shoud look out for doing this job? I've done a GMR (heavy SOB) change once but no manuals. I have a lift, engine support bar and telescoping tranny jack but figure the manuals have quirks I should lookout for, weight not being one of them.
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    FS 4 16" new beatle steelies

    $80 + shipping or you pick up in Charleston, WV. PM me
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    Looking for a Euro B7 Audi Quattro 2.0 PD170 6sp tranny code GYH

    PM me. Sources in Europe please respond.