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    Amateur Radio

    Anyone going who has an amateur (ham) radio licence? I just got mine (VA3JME) and if I make it this year, I will be using my radio the whole way down from Ottawa. Maybe if there's interest we could even use IRLP to hook up along the way? Jamie
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    Trips made in a TDI?

    Can we change the forum description to include trips made towing a TDI ;-) Sorry, couldn't resist. jamie
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    First TDIfest in 7 years!

    Well, me and JP were at TDIfest in 2000 in North Carolina, and we're all signed up for this one. Same car, 290K later.. she has 310K on her now. Hope to see some familiar faces. So, anyone else an old timer?
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    TDI MAF Warranty extended....

    A local dealership (Ottawa Canada) is reporting an extended MAF warranty that does apply to TDIs! Check out this vortex thread: Anyone else verify this? Jamie
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    Possible source for zero residue cleaners for MAF

    Looking for zero residue electronics cleaner to clean your MAF? Wonder if these would be any good? Jamie
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    MAF Forum?

    You know... with the number of posts I see about MAF this and MAF that, maybe we need a MAF forum. It's a topic in its own right... at least as much as audio is! Jamie
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    Cool Biodiesel ad in Ontario Canada

    Just saw an ad on Television touting the benefits of Biodiesel. They ahd a TDI in the ad. Here's a quote from the short but positive article: <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">For more information, see where the commercial can be seen in RealAudio format. I...
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    Diesel Chevette Website

    TDI Club may have some competition ;-) And this one I found.... Jamie
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    Uglier than a Insight?

    THIS is a VW? Jamie
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    HP from 1/4 mile

    Ran a 1/4 this weekend... Upsolute and Piper X. Best 1/4 was 17.495 and best top speed was 77. Using the calculator at I am seeing: ET method: 124 horsepower Speed method: 119 horsepower Does this sound right? I used a weight of 2994lbs + 265# for me, plus...
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    Embrun and Julep

    I hope you will pardon my use of english in here... it's all I know! Anyway it was great to meet Tdiquebec and Radman and I am posting this to encourage people to get out to Embrun for Volksfest. I will be there with the club I am in.. OVD out of Ottawa... see Jamie
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    Near Ottawa? Free this weekend? Like the VW Bus?

    From May 31 http:/ Get On The Bus May 30, 31, June 1, 2, 2002 Almonte, Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada The Capital City Volkswagen Club is hosting this year's edition of Busfusion. It's an annual Canadian camping excursion with a catch: you have to camp in a Volkswagon...
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    Ottawa, Ontario Canada VW Club

    I have recently become involved with the relatively new Ottawa club OVD (see They are a great bunch of guys... no attitude liks some import clubs, and they love to tune their cars. Those that tune (which would be most of them) seem to put their money into the engine...
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    Montreal non TDI event June 29

    My local VW club, OVD (see will be taking a trip to Montreal to meet their VW club. The trip is on June 29, 2002. See the discussion at It looks like there will be clubs from Toronto as well. Anyway, I was...
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    Upsolute, Valois, Bourbon

    Good service runs in the family! Yesterday (a holiday) Bourbon (Valois' brother) was kind enough to clear a code on my Golf - an airBag code I caused myself and which was not related to my Upsolute chip. The charge? Nothing. Nada. Why? Because I am an Upsolute customer. Thanks Bourbon... wish my...
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    Biodiesel is not same as ethanol blended diesel, right?

    Lemme try this again... The city I live in is the Capital of Canada.. Ottawa. There is talk of fueling our buses with ethanol blended diesel as a cleaner diesel. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not the same as biodiesel, right? If the city really wants to make a difference, shouldn't they...
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    1985 Toyota Turbo Diesel P/U

    Just trying to get a feel for how much one should ask for a 1985 Toyota Turbo Diesel pickup? It's in reasonable shape, but needs some rust repairs. A price range would be good. Jamie
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    Help! AirBag light. Need Vag Com in Ottawa

    Anyone in Ottawa or near Ottawa have a Vag Com? I have an airbag lite frem removing my seat to clean a nasty salt stain from the winter.. anyway, the VW dealer wants $85 to clear the code. And worse, the airbags don't work if the lite is on apparently. I am thinking of pressing them on the issue...
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    I miss the daily topics page

    Seems the discussion of the "old daily topics page" has died. I never read this BBS any more... I just cannot get used to the new format for daily topics. I loved the old format. I would love to see it brought back but in the current format, I have to work to get the information. Fred? Puhleeze...
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    Airbag lite after seat removal

    EMS removed the seat in our Golf Saturday. He had to disconnect three plugs to do so. When he put the seat back, he replaced the plugs. When we started the car, the seatbelt/airbag lite came on and now stays on. We removed the seat and re-installed the plugs suspecting a bad connection. Nothing...