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    Rear brake sensor 2016 Touareg TDI

    I was changing all rotors, pads and sensors on my 2016 T-reg and stumble upon a rear stuck sensor plug. I was not able to pull it out and maybe used exceed force and broke the plug attached to the harness. Does anyone have a part number for the harness? I installed the pads but without the...
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    Touareg '16TDI TPMS

    Hello everyone, my original set of tires are going to be replaced soon. as new ones will be installed , should make sense to change the battery for the TPMS? (if possible of course) - if not what is the best option to buy them at a cheaper price than dealer offers?
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    TDI Service Action 23AK

    I received a recall letter from VW America( 2019-12-10) , it aims to correct the initial software modification. After contacting the dealer to schedule this software update and provided them the vehicle VIN , they said that nothing is pending on my vehicle - did anyone had receive the letter ?
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    A6 TDi prestige won't start

    First cold morning on the north east and my A6 TDI won't start. It cranks vigorously but does not start. What should I look at first ? Definitely is not a battery Issue. Also glow plug light is flashing and check engine light is on.
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    2016 Touareg TDI white tail pipes

    I just went through the Ad Blue heater recall about 5000 miles ago. Yesterday, all of a sudden, i noticed a cloud of white dust in the back. Pulled the car in the next rest area and found the tailpipes coated with white dust on the inside. Will this be a faulty addblue injector releasing too...
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    Wire holder/ clamp part number

    I have a 2015 Passat TDI and trying to change oil. There is bunch of electrical wires next to the filter housing fastened by a plastic holder. Does anyone know the part number # ???? This is the link with an oil change procedure displaying very good pictures...
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    Dieselgate again ?

    Just got this yesterday on my email box. Anyway my 2014 is gone but just an FYI for the people here on the forum.
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    2015 TDI SE GPS recomandation

    can anyone recommend a head unit replacement with GPS , that will also Not alter the functionality of the unit in relation to other car systems?
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    Touareg TDI differences

    I am in a market for a pre own TDI 14 15 or 16 and I have few questions. Never had a Touareg before and wanted to see what too look for. Also when was the midlife face-lift done? are the Sport Lux and Exec features similar across years ? I am verry familiar with 2016 since I research it a lot...
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    Back to TDI

    After 1 year since i turned in my 2013 Passat , i decided to get another one. This time 2015 TDI SE Manual with 25k miles. Amazing car . Drove it home to CT from Denver 1900 miles getting 48mpg Supper happy again!!!!!
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    Looking for a similar Audi non- tdi forum

    I am looking for a good all around audi forum, by searching in Google i get plenty of results. I know there are preferences and PREFERENCES .... but can anyone recommend me a good forum to join . Looking to purchase a pre-own A6/A7 and need to compare gas VS diesel
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    FS: 2013 Passat TDI SE 6 Manual 61K miles

    $15000 Silver with grey interior+trunk spoiler(oem), pre-wired for Valentine1 radar detector. Comes with GPS(hardwired) and Dah camera - professionally installed. Pictures coming soon, it was so cold here in NY last couple of days, couldn't wash her. One owner, all services done by VW dealer...
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    Where to?

    Any hints on where to post my 2013 TDI 6 speed for sale to get the best exposure and price. I decided to pull the trigger on this, I will put on too many miles until VW makes up its mind. Can't wait anymore for the VW "resolution".
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    Frozed fuel tank vent

    Couple of weeks ago I had to drive to from New York to Minneapolis Temperature in New York was in the 50's but once I reached Chicago was about 15F ... by Madison Wisconsin -3F. My tank was empty so when I tried to fill up only about a gallon of Diesel went in. Verdict: the tank was not...
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    Zerex g-05 to top off the coolant

    Coolant level came on this morning on start-up. Poped the hood, find the tank low, almost empty. I had top go somewhere fastr so I decided to add some Zerex G-05 from my Mercedes. How bad is it? I added about 700ml. Should I go to the dealer and flush it? Is it bad on the long run? Anyway, low...
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    New Passat owner

    Good day everyone. I just got my first VW a beautiful 2013 Passat TDI Manual yesterday,and I am very proud of it. I was an all time Mercedes diesel owner bu the amazing Passat was catching my eyes for quite a wile. I just stepped in to a VW dealership and out of the blue traded my Benz for...