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    AHU/1Z ENGINE PARTS B4 passat parts

    how much do you want for the nozzles thanks dave
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    Asv pistons

    alh rings how much for the rings?
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    Parting out 2000 tdi.

    how much for the pp764s ? does it have head studs ?
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    ahu-alh 1z head studs used ok

    wtb ahu-alh 1z head studs used ok hi guys i am looking to buy a set of head studs for my kids ahu swap golf .needs a head gasket wanted to do studs when i do the head. used set would be ok. got to be cheap as i have 2 kids in college both are driving tdi one golf one beetle. if anyone...
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    Alh go fast stuff for sale

    did this have head studs ? am interested in them if it did thanks dave
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    Wtb...3c0 035 456 c or simular

    what does the amp come in? i may have one
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    FS: 10mm, 11mm and B4 Injection Pump/Stock Injectors and Bosio P706s – CA, $100

    the nozzles in the pic look like they are used . maybe just the pics ? how much shipped to NY 14873 thanks dave
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    Ross-Tech Hex-USB +Can Cable for sale

    will you do 200.00 ? thanks dave
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    FS: ALH 11mm pump, Timing Tools, Radio, Oil wrench, engine cover

    tdi parts hi do you have the code for the radio ? dave
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    ALH Part out

    do 25 on a intake ? dave
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    FS: ALH intake manifold $35 shipped

    alh intake hi i will take the intake where do i send paypal thanks dave
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    ALH from 98 bug into 96 Audi S6

    audi a6 tdi swap hi i have done a swap in a c4 avant quattro i will post some pics it has good power 44-48 mpg
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    wtb passat pedal cluster for 5 speed

    what year ? i have a 96 passat tdi parts car
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    FS: 1998 Jetta TDI

    how much ?
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    2000 TDI Golf GLS Auto. Part out FS

    ya posted before i read the last few pages thanks