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    Guru Need - King Of Prussia, PA area

    Hi All, Please respond with a trusted Guru in the King Of Prussia/Philadelphia area. 2000 Golf jumps into limp occasionally. It happens when I accelerate over 65-70mph but it does not happen every time. In fact it's infrequent. I drive at highways speeds a 20-30 times/week and it will jump...
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    Mechanic wants to replace turbo

    2000 Golf GLS TDI (115k miles) Hi All, I'm not sure what to do. My mechanic (on trusted list) informed me Thursday that my turbo needs to be replaced ($1100 parts $400 labor). I brought the car in 3 weeks ago because the Ck Engine light came on. At that time the mechanic said the following...
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    Dealership wants to replace PS Rack$$$

    Hi All, I have a 2000 Golf TDI. Just this week the PS went. I took to a local dealership (Jim Wynn - Philly burbs) and they said I need a new PS rack. Charging $980/part & $165 for labor. Are these prices good? Should I get a 2nd opinion. I've read a few posting and some locals don't like Jim...