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    what is the best r.p.m./m.p.h.

    hi i dont know any other way to ask a question. what is the best r.p.m./m.p.h. to drive for the best milage i drive 2400rpm/70mph indicated .. thank you sibby1
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    how to clips

    hi why cant i watch all of the how to clips it plays for a few seconds then stops i have dial up service thank you sibby1
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    speedo is not accurate

    hi its me again the last question was about tires the problem is my speedo is about 4 mph faster than im realy going the dealer said it is normal and cant be fixed i dont belive them any thing can be fixed i have faith in you guys thank you ps can the rear suspension be aligned...
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    i have a 2001 jetta tdi what are the best size tires to use thank you sibby1